Camp David Accords

Yanet Salinas and Marcus Williams

The Camp David Accords was an agreement between Israel and Egypt who were arch enemies. With the help of the United States they signed a treaty for peace between both countries. This took place on September 17, 1978 at Camp David. The two countries were negotiating for 14 months until they reached an agreement. a crucial day of negotiation between the two was on August 6, 1978. A U.S citizen gave the Prime Minister of Israel an idea of peace.

The Camp David Accords had two separate agreements. The first one was " The Framework in the Middle East". The second one was " The Framework of conclusion between Egypt and Israel. Both treaties were signed on March 1979.This was a major milestone for the world to see.

Here you see the president of the United States Jimmy Carter shaking hands with the leaders of Egypt and Israel.
Here you have Egyptian President Muhammad Anwar Al Sadat , Prime Minister of Israel Manachem Begin , and United States president Jimmy Carter signing the treaty of the Camp David Accords.
This was a newspaper article during the Camp David Accords.
The presidents talking and having a good time at Camp David .
Menachem Begin - Prime Minister of Israel

Anwar Sadat- Egyptian President.