Sustainable vs Unsustainable Energy Resources

What is sustainability?

- using only an amount of our resources we require today so that future generations wouldn't have to compromise to meet their needs

- should be able to be maintained for it to be considered sustainable

Most sustainable energy sources


- uses fast flowing water that falls a great distance and harvesting its energy with a dam

- is naturally replenished; once its built it is an infinite energy source and is much safer compared to other energy sources


- converts the light we get from the sun into energy by the use of solar panels

- the use of solar energy had been universally accessible and flexible

Wind Energy:

- wind turbines are used to produce electricity by converting the kinetic energy in the wind

- it does not pollute air when used, is a domestic source of energy, and is cheap

Environmental impacts of oil sands

- releases large amounts of greenhouse gases

- deforestation to get to the oil

- uses vast amounts of fresh water

- animal habitats are destroyed

Fort McMurray Oil Sands

Alberta Oil Sands

What are some ways we can reduce the amount of energy we use in our day to day lives?