Geography and Globalization Unit #1

By: Steve Groulx

Geography and Globalization

This influences where, how, and why people live where they do.


Population plays a big role in the world economy today because most of the time, the countries with a dense population have lower labor costs.
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Transportation is key in having a successful businesses because there are different variables in each route like fuel costs and maybe pirates
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Natural Resources

Natural Resources are valuable because most of them are not renewable. today there is a huge issue with sand consumption by rich countries and big industries
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World Manufacturing

Today we rely on other countries for there natural resources and low labor costs. In doing this we give citizens in other countries jobs and opportunities to make a living for themselves and hopefully make their own businesses that will thrive.
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The global expansion of economic beliefs throughout the world

The Journey of a Sweatshirt

The Process

There are not many stops around the world in order to make a sweatshirt. First the cotton is farmed/harvested in Pakistan. Next it is produced/made in the same wonderful country. Finally it is shipped all the way to the distribution center in Baltimore, MD right here in the U.S. of A.