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February Fun!

So much to do!

There are so many things happening in February!! We started with Letter P and Groundhog's Day, and moved quickly into Dental Health. We had a visit from a dental professional and learned all about taking care of our teeth.
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P is for Pink Pig! Cutting shapes to put together to make a pig ... and practicing our letter Ps! We keep adding pages to our ABC notebooks - making "projects" and practicing letters :)

Groundhog Day - making shadows!

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Dental Health Week!

We talked and read about proper dental care and practiced in centers ...

Our Dental Visit :)

A dental facility offered to come to all the classes at Stoy ....
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We learned a lot this week :)

Upcoming themes: Valentine's Day and Sharing and Caring (we'll be reading some Rainbow Fish and Corduroy books!). Friday 2/12 is a day off for the kiddos (teachers will be going to teacher meetings) and Monday 2/15 is a day off for President's Day!

Just a few more ....