Parents Wanted


Give me the kind of relationship between a parent and child you see in movies. You would have to make sure everyone in the house is happy and only say caring things to eachother. Make sure there is always a whole stock of food in the house, and only the good stuff. I love apples! You would also have to make sure the house is spontaneous! Wide open spaces are amazing! To have this though, you have to have a great paying job.


Be loud! Be a child at heart! The ideal parent is one that has the best relationship with their children, one that knows everything about their child and one that knows when something is wrong. I want to be able to talk to you, to crack jokes and laugh all the time. It would never be awkward to just sit there in scilence and make faces at eachother. The best thing from a parent is their support in all right descisions. Oh ya, you have to like batman as much as me!


I will do chores and treat you as if you are one of my own (parents that is). It will be like you were here from the start. Now don't go thinking I'm going to be your slave and clean the whole house daily. I want your help in keeping the house clean all the time. The cleaner it stays, the less work for everyone to do. :)


You will be very, very, very wealthy... in hugs and love! There is no better payment then seeing a smile on your childs face at the end of every day. You have a job already, you don't need to be payed to be my parent... I'm not that hard to handle. Unless you want to be payed in gum?