Rhode Island

The New England Colony

Who settled here?

The English settled here in 1636. A key figure in the settlement and creation of the colony was Roger Williams, as well as Anne Hutchinson in Providence.


The geography consisted of mostly rolling hills and lower, flat lands. As well as this, there were some mountainous areas with thick tree-lines and rivers. But, the farmland was difficult to make use of with the poor soil. Rhode Island, like many other New England colonies, had to look for economic growth in something other than farming crops.
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Life in Rhode Island

Rhode Island was created by Roger Williams as a refuge almost for people being persecuted for their religion. In other New England colonies, there wasn't such a freedom. Manufacturing for things such as timber for ship yards and fishing for whales and other water inhabitants were the biggest economic influencers. Furs, alcohol, maple syrup, horses, and other live stock products were also other items used for trade at this time. Rhode Island was governed as a Charter Colony.
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Religious Tolerance

Rhode Island's religious tolerance is what makes it stand out to the other New England colonies. It was the only colony of such stature, and this is thanks to Roger Williams. He believed in different religious beliefs, and he wanted to make a colony that was fair to all. This is what made Rhode Island so special.
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