Much Ado About Nothing

By Bailey Kolaske


I think That Will Ferrell would be a perfect actor to be Claudio. Because hes funny and hes a really good actor. Also he has the looks too.


As for Benedict i would say i would have to go with the rock. Because Benedict seem like a big strong man like the rock, and would fit perfect in the play.
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For Hero i would pic Megan fox. Hero is meant to be the hot one in the play, and everyone thinks that Megan is super hot. so she should be the perfect actor.
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Claudio telling everyone that Hero is a whore.

This is really significant because it turns the whole play around. Everyone has no idea whats doing on until he explains what he heard. Everyone believes him and the wedding is ended
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Hero's Death

after everything at the wedding went down Hero is wrecked. They come up with a plan to see if Claudio cares about hero. So hero fakes her death.
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Claudio Marring Hero

Claudio believes that he will be marring one of her cousins, but when he sees who it is he is super happy and everyone around is glad to see that they are finally together.
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I picked the song Grenade by Bruno Mars. I believe that its the perfect song, because Bruno says " I would catch a grenade for ya" Claudio would do the same for hero. The song is about showing how much you would actually do for the one you love. Claudio would do anything for hero. Also im sure hero would even do anything for Claudio because she loves him that much.