Deconstructing Media: WWII Posters

Duke Wirth | Social Studies 6A | 8 November 2013

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Media Consumer's Toolkit

Who is the producer of the medium?

The producer of the medium is the government to help the military fighting the Nazis

What is the message?

The message of the picture is that the Military needs to be backed up with more supplies as in tanks or LMGs (Light Machine Guns)

What is the purpose of the medium (to persuade, entertain, and/or inform)?

The purpose of the medium is to persuade and inform the people that America is fighting for the citizens and the citizens should back them up with supplies

Who is the target audience?

The target audience is the people that can support the Military

What is your emotional reaction to the image?

My emotional reaction to this image is that they might lose the war because they are almost out of ammo or metal supplies

How might others view the message differently?

Other viewers might see this differently by thinking give us metal to kill each other

What is left out of the message?

What is left out of the message is that the producer is not putting in what kind of metal the Military is running out of maybe soldier, ammo, guns, tanks, or even riot shields

What techniques did the media producer use to convey the message?

The techniques that the media producer used to convey this message are showing the Military shooting and hiding with metal items and looking like they are running out of metal