All about hurricanes

What is a hurricane?

The key to forming a hurricane is warm water;when a cluster of storms gather over warm water, and weather conditions are right, a hurricane is formed.During hurricane season , and weather patterns are just right, over the waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico,provide perfect warm water tempatures for a hurricane to form.Hurricanes are deadly and destroy buildings, crops. It also causes floods. It affects people by desroying crops and live stock for food, and the lives of people.But its natures way of keeping tempatures balanced.

Erosion happens by the hurricane carrying the sand and particles of the ocean and depositing them on the land that the hurricane hits.One Deadly hurricane was the Great Galveston hurricane which hit Galveston, Texas on August 27,1900. The Great Galveston huuricane came over the sea wall destroying most of Galveston.It destroyed homes, lives of people, food , and much more. Some interesting facts are that it was the most deadly hurricane, which was a catogory 4,its windspeed was 167, and caused 8,000-12,000 deaths.


Other catastrophic events






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