Odell's Friday News

December 31, 2015

Happy New Year Odell!

We hope that you have enjoyed your time off with family and friends the past couple of weeks. Monday starts off the New Year, and we know you will hit the ground running! A few reminders about the first week back:

1. Dragon Time starts with our new groups Monday morning. It is okay to take this time to tell your students where they will be going, and who their new teacher is for the next round. Interventions should begin on Tuesday.

2. Progress Monitoring is switched to Thursday, Jan 7 for this week. Please rotate on Wednesday as a "teaching" day.

3. PM all yellows and reds this week. Then, continue with reds every 5 days/yellows every 10 days.

4. TRC should only be progress monitored every 20 days.

The Five Principles of Classroom Culture

With the extended break, now is a good time to review your expectations with all students. Think about these principles from "Teach Like a Champion" by Doug Lemov

1. Discipline- teaching children the right and successful way to do things

2. Management- reinforcing behavior through consequences and rewards

3. Control- a teacher's capacity for causing students to choose to do what you ask

4. Influence- connecting to students and inspiring them to want to achieve

5. Engagement- students are vested in rigorous lessons with plenty of opportunities to get involved

Start the second half of the year with a fresh outlook, a positive culture, and an inviting learning environment in your classroom!

When you need a smile...

Take a look at these links to help you get through the week ahead

When I view mistakes as learning opportunities, it helps kids stay willing to take risks. #notafraidtolearnfrommistakes

Practice resolving conflict while the stakes are low.

"I will not steal from my kids by doing things for them that they are capable of doing." ~ Over & over to myself #empower


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