My Life Story

Ah. Al Henidi

I was born in Dahran in 21-Oct-1989, I grew up in small flat in Air base with my brother Mohammed he was older than me three years we were alwoes play to gather .

My first day at school was very difficult I lost my home after school and my father found me in another neberhood I was cray to match, abut frinds I alwos was with my frind Abdullah Al Qahtani and until now we are to gather .

In High school my life chang i was careless and I fell school for tow years, achly I tok fife years in school, but now im reley remorseful for thet days .

First job was with small company it was contracting with SABB bank i work with them for one year after thet they release us all they end of ore contract .

My first car was a camry 1998 the coler was red it was like a mercedes for me .

This month I get a promotion to be HR specialist I hope to lern mor in HR and stady english very wil .