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Week of April 11, 2016

Weekly Highlights

Information for the week

Professional Development

Thanks for a great day of learning on Friday. There were some really great sessions at the Tech Talk and I hear that the Restorative Justice session and the Strategy of the Quarter were really great too! Ms. Robinson won a Dell Tablet at Tech Talk!

Report Card Pickup

Report Card Pickup is Thursday, April 14. We will not have an official lunch break; therefore conferences will run from 12:00 - 6:15. Please be set up and ready to go by 11:50 in the lunchroom. Snacks and a light lunch (via the staff potluck) will be setup in the library.

As you prepare for conference, remember that even though parents want to hear the truth, most parents are sensitive about their children. Be sure to deliver the news in a way that is honest and sensitive. Capitalize on student strengths while also providing room for student growth. Ask parents about their academic desires for their children.

Classroom Concerns

We are still working with Aramark to ensure that our school is cleaned thoroughly. It is important that we assist in these efforts by limiting the food trash in the classroom. Aramark recently spoke about concerns with chip bags and candy wrappers being left on the floor and desks in certain classrooms. Let's make sure that students are picking up debris before they exit your class each day.

Make it Happen Monday

Monday, April 11 will be a Cubs V Sox Make it Happen Monday. Sport your favorite team for opening day on Monday!

If I have not said it enough, please always feel free to let me know if you need assistance in any way.

Have a great week!

Dr. Skanes