Andrew Jackson

Events of His Presidency

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Indian Removal Act

Cherokee land was very desirable. Its land was very fertile so it was ideal for growing cotton. Also, people had discovered gold there. Because of this, Jackson wanted to trade Cherokee land with the less desirable land west of the Mississippi. The Indian Removal Act was signed into law May 28, 1830, authorizing the President to grant unsettled lands in exchange west of the Mississippi for Indian lands within state borders.
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Nullification Crisis

Two tariffs were passed during Jackson's presidency: the Tariff of 1828 and the Tariff of 1832. The South, especially South Carolina, was angered as they had little manufacturing and relied heavily on imported goods. South Carolina threatened to secede, but quickly agreed to pay the Compromise Tariff when Jackson threatened to use the US Army and hang John C. Calhoun. Henry Clay made the Compromise Tariff. It lowered the original tariff but it was still a tariff.
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Spoils System

Jackson was known to use the Spoils System. It helped him gain many supporters. It was a system where those that supported him or had done him a favor would get rewarded. The reward was usually a job in the government. Using this was to his advantage, as he would be surrounded by 'yes men', or people that would agree with him no matter what.
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Political Cartoon and Meaning

Andrew Jackson did not like the National Bank. He thought it was very unfair to the poor people. He also had a problem with the people working in the bank, mainly Henry Clay. He wanted to destroy the Bank. The many headed monster is the states, who are fighting Jackson to keep the bank. Jackson is raising a cane that says 'veto'.
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Cherokee (Negative)

I hate Andrew Jackson! Could he have been worse? He kicked us off our perfectly fine land and "rewarded" us with a small patch of disgusting land. Does he not remember we were here first? If anything, we should be kicking them off our land. We have done everything - we haven't caused trouble, we have tried to adapt to their customs, we have tried literally everything - but in the end, these white people have destroyed us all.

Northerner (Positive)

I love Andrew Jackson! He couldn't have been a greater president. I love the tariffs that he put on the imported goods because that just gives the North more money. Also, I'm glad that those Native Americans moved. They were always interfering with our lives. All in all, he was a great president that made the best decisions for our nation. For example, he made those South Carolinian agree to pay the tariff. Also, I have a terrific job in government thanks to him!