arthropod - an animal that has a jointed exoskeleton

Crustaceans - one kind of arthropod. Lobsters, crabs,

arachnids - spiders, scorpions, mites - have eight legs, no antennae, book lungs

Insects - animals with six jointed legs and many have wings (largest group of arthropods)


exoskeleton covers and protects body and gives it support

jointed legs

jointed body

digestive system with 2 openings

circulatory system and a brain

molts so exoskeleton can grow with animal

well developed organs for site, sound and touch


Lobsters - legs are adapted to catch prey and carry to mouth. Lobsters claws crush shells of oysters or clams and are 2 sizes for defense and tearing food.

Arachnids - many have sharp body parts that inject poison

Tarantulas - legs are evenly spaced for balance while walking and climbing

Grasshoppers - mouths are adapted for crushing food and back legs are powerful for jumping.