Purpose: Persuade


Frequently Asked Questions about Smoking

Stollers, Veronica, and Elizabeth Keyishian. Frequently Asked Questions about Smoking. New York, NY: Rosen Pub., 2012. Print.


This book is reliable because it because it is informative about the dangers of smoking and it has accurate information that could be used in an essay. This book is current and the information is informative and accurate. The authors purpose is to inform teens about the effects of smoking and other alternatives for stress relief.


Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Myers, Mathew L. "Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Homepage." Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Homepage. N.p., 15 May 2014. Web. 30 Nov. 2015.


This sites purpose is to persuade people to stop smoking. It is reliable because it is a .org and also because the information is from last year. Also the president of this organization has a history of fighting against tobacco. This website is a good source for facts and statistics about smoking.

Database Article


"Smoking." Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. Detroit: Gale, 2015. N. pag. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 17 Nov. 2015.


This is a reliable database article because it was written by Gale for Gale. Gale is an encyclopedia so the information is accurate. The information is from earlier this year so it is very current. The purpose of this article is to inform about the dangers of smoking. This article was a helpful overview of the topic.

Other Source: Database

Tobacco use is a serious problem

Tobacco Use Is a Serious Problem." Tobacco and Smoking. Ed. Roman Espejo. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven, 2015. Opposing Viewpoints. Rpt. of "Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults: A Report of the Surgeon General: Executive Summary." Vol. 1. N.p.: n.p., 2012. N. pag. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 30 Nov. 2015.


This is a credible source because it was found on and written for gale databases which is a reliable encyclopedia. It also has up to date information that is accurate.The purpose of this article is to persuade people to stop smoking.