Digital Citizenship!

Michelle B. p.2

The 7 steps on Digital Citizenship

  1. Digital Etiquette; don't start "Flame wars"; Don't start a argument and get other people mad on an topic.
  2. Information privacy: Don't open spam messages: If you get a E-mail that you don't recognize, delete it because you can get a bug on your computer.
  3. Social Networking: Don't share information with people you don't know: If strangers ask for you you talk, just ignore it.
  4. Online safety: Tell somebody: If someone online is making you uncomfortable say something about it to a parent, teacher.
  5. Cyber Bulling: Don'e Give Personal Information: Any time they can use that information on you and make you depressed or angry.
  6. Plagiarism; don't take ideas that is not yours: If you steal work and take it as your own than you can be under trial.
  7. Copy Right: Don't use work that is not free and share to use: If the author's work doesn't allow for your you use, than do not use it unless the author lets you.
Super Digital Citizen

What is Digital Citizenship? Why is it important?

Digital citizenship is when you are thinking before you say or write something that can hurt your or someone else. This is important to know is because it helps to be safe online and using social media too. Plus it good to stay safe online when your playing a game online or just on social medial. This can can also prevent strangers to take your information on you you too.
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