The Raft

Cody Hazelton

Before the plane crash

Robby is a teenager that lives on midway island.Her parents are on a a research trip and Robby does not want to go with them so she asks if she could live with Aj.But Aj cant because she has to go somewhere and Robby wants to stay by herself.So she stays by herself and she gets scared and wants to go see her parents so then she boards the plane.

In the ocean

Robby boards the plane by herself to go back to midway and she is scared the hole way there.Then all of a sodden the plane engine crashes and every one starts freaking out so the plane starts falling a max throughs a raft out a they jump.Every one gets on except Larry and max is hurt.They been out at sea for twelve days with nothing but a bag of skittles and rain.When they start getting close to the reef max is already dead.

On land

Robby arrives on the reef and she is messed up her eye hurts and she is tired.She is on there for a couple days and she sees a dead seal and she tried to help it.After she is freeking out about max being died.Then she just gives up and tries to survive so she starts a fire.And eats fish and drinks water but then she sees a boat coming to her and she gets all exited and she runs over and it the research people.They bring her back to the boat and she gets all cleaned up and then she gets to go back to her parents.

five connections

1.This book reminded me of a another book.

2.I felt connected when the plane crashed because i could picture that.

3.Robbie reminded me of her because she afraid of all the stuff i am.

4.Max reminded me of my dad a little bit to.

5.The book reminded me of the show survival to.