An Awesome Random Project

Created by Riley Sutherland


Life is good- there is snow on the ground, which makes life, like, five times more awesome, and the winter Olympics are on. Awesomeness times fifteen!

Monday, Feb. 10th, 4-8pm

1000 Midjay Dr

Liberty, MO

Parent teacher conferences!

The Biography of a Made up Person Named Frank

Crazy Person

Hey, look- it's that crazy brother person again!

National History Day

Monday, Feb. 10th, 9am

500 W US Highway 24

Independence, MO

We compete for awards and scholarships with our super amazing history-filled exhibits, websites and plays!


These things that you're reading are words- aren't they pretty? Words and letters look all curly and awesome, and there are so many different ways that they can be made!

Ta-da! Another Title!

Matthew Sutherland

The imaginary Frank character's twin brother! AKA Crazy person! Crazy in a good way- like that person who gets awesome ideas, not like that person who is follows you around everywhere- that's creepy crazy.

February 10th

Saturday, Feb. 1st, 12am to Tuesday, Feb. 11th, 12am

Everywhere in the World!

Did you Know....?

February 10th is Umbrella Day! Make sure to celebrate! Wear the nicest umbrella hat that you have!

Evil Frog

Have you heard about this frog? He's wanted by the BFP (Bad Frog Police) for trespassing on other frog's lily pads and not even paying fines! Not to be confused with his twin, the most adventurous frog in the world.

Please call 555-555-5555 if you have information about this frog!