Dress Code: A Major Problem

By: McKenna Miller, Halle Dowden-Parott, and Jimmy Legg

Why is Dress Code a Problem?

Girls can not wear the comfortable clothes that they want to wear, all because boys get "distracted". Girls would be much more comfortable if we could wear things like yoga pants, Nike tempos, and tank tops. It is scientifically proven that students focus better when they are comfortable. The dress code also teaches women that they should be responsible for men's behavior, which is not only a problem within the school, but in the world. Many other people understand that dress codes can promote rape culture in the world.

When you tell a girl to go change into her P.E or Athletics shirt because her bra strap is showing, you're telling her a boy's education is more important than hers. When a girl wears a tank top and you tell her to cover up, you're telling her to hide herself and make herself smaller. If you tell her if she is showing too much of her skin, you're telling her that she is "asking" for it.

Our dress code bans clothing that shows too much skin, and not mostly for boys, but for girls. This only perpetuates the myth that women are raped or sexually harassed because of what they wear. Our solution? Create a new dress code that allows girls to dress how they want. This would be preparing others, such as boys, for the real world.

Are Girls able to be Comfortable?

We surveyed 40 people at Medlin Middle School, males, females, students, and teachers. Out of the 40 people we surveyed, 40 people said that the current dress code doesn't allow girls to dress comfortably. This proves that the people who think the dress code is a problem aren't just girls who want to be able to wear tank tos or shorts, who don't see the bigger problem.. It's boys, girls, and adults who see that the problem of dress code is huge, and think it should be solved.

The solution.

We would like to be able to wear yoga pants and leggings, with shirts that arent long, nike tempo running shorts, and tank tops. All of the clothing items listed above are very ideal for comfort, and running shorts are neccessary in the beginning and very end of the year, when temperatures are prone to be very high.

Our strategies.

We have a petition, both online, and on paper. (sign the online petition at https://www.change.org/p/northwest-independent-school-district-allow-yoga-pants-leggings-without-a-long-shirt-nike-tempo-running-shorts-and-tank-tops-in-your-dress-code?just_created=true). An easier way to get to that is on Halles twitter ( @oopsitshalle). We will have the petition pulled up on a tablet at the front of the classroom. Our paper petition will be hanging on coach Perrins door. We will also be posting signs throughout the week to raise awareness.
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