Ceres is the Greek Goddess or harvest, fertility, and agriculture. Ceres is one of the most popular and known Goddess.


Ceres is the daughter or Cronus, youngest of the titans, and Rhea, god of the earth. She is also the sister of Zeus, god of the sky, Poseidon, god of the sea, Hera, neighborhood mom, and Hestia. She is also the mother of Proserpine, queen of the underworld.

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Interesting Facts!

Ceres less known past

Ceres would actually do day to day things among people of villages. She would dabble in their affairs and interests. Truly a strange god.

Real World Connections

Belive it or not, Ceres is everywhere. When someone buys or brings you food, the little plant in your room, or even just your parents are all part of Ceres. It's a wonderful need.