One for the Murphy's

Lynda Mullaly Hunt


Will Carley ever forgive her mother for the betrayal, or will her forever home be foster care?

Life in Foster Care

Video Clip (Watch until 3:50) Anna B.

This video shows that children are in need of foster homes everywhere just like Carley in One for the Murphy’s. The thing is that we don’t think of having a family as a luxury were these kids do. Another thing that is both occurring in this video and One for the Murphy's is that foster children are scared and nervous when going into foster care. Will I get a nice family, will they judge me, will they even like me? There is always a million questions that foster children ask themselves, just like in One for the Murphy’s Carley is really nervous and doesn’t know how to act around the Murphy’s. Together we have to make sure things are different. Where children don’t don’t have to worry because all foster families will be nice, caring and open minded about the child coming into their homes.

Book Cover Analysis By:Mackenzie Y.

On the cover of the book One for the Murphys, there is a girl laying on her stomach in the grass with her feet crossed and in the air. She is resting her elbows on a stuffed giraffe and has a basketball next to her. This girl represents Carley, the main character, and the giraffe is the stuffed animal that she got in her family service backpack. Carley would end up giving Michael Eric, the youngest, the stuffed giraffe who would name it Mr.Longneck. The basketball lying next to her is what repaired the relationship between the oldest, Daniel, and Carley. They had each played basketball, however, Daniel wasn’t very good. Carley taught him a few tricks and helped him gain his confidence. She had told him, “fake it until you make it, or until you believe the lie you just told yourself.” After the game, and when Daniel won the respect of his teammates, Daniel did not resent Carley as much because of how she helped him. However, Daniel still didn’t want her living there. On the cover, Carley does not have her face showing, which represents the idea that she doesn’t show emotion because she thinks it is for the weak. This book cover is an excellent representation of not only Carley,but, the family as well.

The title of this book is One for the Murphys and it has multiple meanings. Carley was a foster kid that entered an almost perfect foster family, she could have been the one that the Murphy’s had to take care of. She was the one, sent for the Murphy’s. Another reason is, Carley did many favors for the family, such as helping Daniel with basketball. That one in One for the Murphy’s represents the favor she did. For example, when you do a favor for someone, some say you owe me one, the one in the title represents the favors she has done for the family. This title has many meanings encased in only four words.

Cast of Characters By: Amira H

Quotes By: Kaitlynn G.

“To speed up while my “No” becomes one long, continuous word - a pleading.” (pg.29)-Carley Connors. In this scene, Carley is running away from the Murphys because Daniel, the oldest out of the boys, was saying really mean things to her at the dinner table. This is a powerful quote because Carley is already not liking the family. So she might have to keep moving to every foster care family until her mom gets better. Or she might have to stick with that family and not have a good relationship with them. I can apply this to my life today because I learned that if you don’t give people a chance you might be missing out on some amazing people.

“Take a shot if you’ve got it!” I yell. “You are invincible! Remember that!” (pg.155)-Carley Connors. In this scene, Daniel is at his basketball game and Carley is screaming out good confidence boosters for him. This is powerful because it shows that Carley and Daniel are finally getting along. I can apply this to my life today because I will scream out confidence boosters to my friends just like they do for me.

“But you’re my mom!” (pg.)-Carley Connors. In this scene, Carley is talking to her mom about the Murphy's and how amazing they are. Her mom ends up getting mad and says that they can have her, and Carley screams “But you’re my mom!”This is powerful because Carley’s mom actually said that to her daughter, which usually a mother would never say that unless their really upset.I can apply this to my life today because sometimes my mom will joke around with me saying that, but never actually means it.

About the Author By:Brooke S.

Lynda Mullaly Hunt is the author of One for the Murphys. She grew up in a small town in Connecticut. Lynda was also the youngest of five kids in the late sixties. She was a tomboyish girl that loved to do anything boys liked to do, like skateboarding and baseball. She wrote songs and fantasy stories and found out it isn't easy to come to up with a good song and or story. After graduating from Conard High School in West Hartford, CT., she went to UConn and got two degrees in education. She became a teacher and found her love for writing. Years later, she had a daughter and took off time from her job to stay home with her daughter. While her daughter was sleeping or doing other things, where Lynda had free time. That's when she started to do a lot of writing and wrote stories constantly for her kids or whoever. Another well-known book she has written is Fish in a Tree. It has a setting in middle school like One for the Murphys. Lynda has said that these types of stories that have a setting in middle school and involve kids in their early teens is fun to write about. Stating on her website ( she said “Some of my non-writer friends think I’m nuts for writing at all. Why would I do something so difficult when I don’t have to? Thing is, it makes me nuts not to write.” In all, Lynda Mullaly Hunt is a great author of two well known books.