Messi the soccer player

By: Gabriella Banaag

What he's famous for

Messi is famous for being a great soccer star. He is in the soccer team Argentina.He score a ton goals. Messi is in the soccer team called Argentina.

A little about his life

Messi's birthday is June 24,1987.He achieved most goals in a year. HE WAS PLAYER OF THE YEAR 4 TIMES!!! Messi is about 5 feet and 7 inches

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About his life

When Messi was a kid he used to follow around his two older brothers, a lot messi put himself in the record book by being the youngest player actually scoring a goal in May 1, 2005.He achieved this when he was 16!!!
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about his acheivments

Messi is famous for his great soccer skills and he even got achievements for European Golden shoe in 2013, 2012, and 2010. He also got a award for FIFA world player of the year in 2009. One other one is world young player of the year. There is also about 10-20 more he got in about 2000-2014