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Week 9 Wrap Up!

Indoor Playtime CAN Be Fun!

Thank you SO MUCH to Kate and Tina who actively played with the kids yesterday, on our first rained-out playground. You ladies were such a blessing to the other moms as you tirelessly kept the kids in check and came up with calm-ish things to do when they couldn't go outside! I'm going to convert one of our 'outdoor' bins to an 'indoor' bin with a few more things to do - hopefully by next week! IF YOU ARE ON PLAYGROUND DUTY, please think ahead of what you can do to if we are rained out!!

Classical Chat #2

Classical Chats #2: How Do I Assess to Bless?

Week 9 Specific Links:

Online Extras: (use judgment for your own children)

Magic Schoolbus - S3:E11 - Plant Parts

YouTube Video - Camouflage/mimic octopus

Wild Kratts - (I'm only just discovering this great kids series! There are at least 3 episodes in the first season about camouflage. My kids are really loving them! Available on Netflix. Reference is made to Mother Nature (etc) but my kids don't seem to even notice. They have a Christian Worldview foundation, and it does not seem to confuse them - they do not even think to question who really made nature!)

Community Announcements:

  • Q2 Nursery Fees Are Due! I have forgotten to mention it week, so please don't feel bad if you have also forgotten! The fee per child is only $40 for this quarter, since Jan missed the first week. IF IT IS HELPFUL you may choose to pay for multiple quarters at once. Sometimes it's easier to just write one check and be done with it!
  • Window Into Challenge was very well attended by at least 8-10 local communities! It was a great look at the Challenge program, and lots of fun fellowship with our wider CC community. Hopefully there will be one of these every year, so you can have a chance to catch another one if you missed last night!
  • NEXT WEEK we will have a Thanksgiving Sandwich Bar! Everyone should have signed up to bring something. I took a picture of our signup - please remember to bring your item next week! Email Sarah if you need more info.
  • Krystal Ripley (my boss, local Support Manager) had to move her visit to Dec 4th, so we have a few more weeks to wait.
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For Week 10:

Family Presentation: Norsworthy

Red: Kitchen & Bathroom

Orange: Fellowship Hall Clean up (after lunch)

Yellow: Playground Supervisors (12:25 - 1pm)

Green: Nursery Help



Student Presentation Topic: Read/recite a poem or other memorized work.

(topics are suggestions only, use whatever your family likes!)

Upcoming Events:

Thr, Nov 19, 10am: Pacific Science Center Field Trip (email Liz for details)

Thr, Nov. 19, 7pm: Mom's Coffee @ Kenmore Starbucks

Fri, Nov 20: Week 10 & Thanksgiving Sandwich Bar!!


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