ECPS Staff Memo

November 15, 2013

Look beyond any problems you might have and focus on the possibilities. Practice Positive Perspective.

You may have noticed the crowd of people visiting the building today - that was one of two on-boarding tours today for newly hired GISD employees. The majority of the new people coming in right now are for Head Start and GSRP, so I'm happy to give them an introduction to the other "Early Childhood Program."

Please remember that Monday (November 18) is the very last day to be timely for your STAGES self-eval and goals. I think we also have a couple of stragglers for Blood Borne (notice that I'm spelling it correctly this time) training. We have one more training to do for Materials and Safety. I will be presenting that to you in a Power Point, to be completed before December 1. Stay tuned for a presentation time.

As you are beginning to collect data for your students for TSGold, please remember that you can add ancillary and para-educators to your program so that they can input information. I need to add the extra staff to your classroom profile, so check with me to make sure I have the correct information.

I've noticed something in my walkthroughs this week that we will need to give some thoughtful consideration. One day this week, at SESC-S, 50% of our classrooms were involved in watching videos toward the end of the day. We need to make sure that our technology use is linked to curriculum and that we can defend the instructional use of the video.

Please make sure that the office has your correct contact information. Now that we are nearing the snow season, we want to make sure that you are contacted in the event of a blessed snow day!

Thank you, teachers and para-educators, for getting your daily attendance done early. The expectation is to have it in at the beginning of class and I appreciate those that have it logged in a timely manner. This is a safety issue, so I expect that everyone be on board with this necessary request.

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