ENTRY 1 : Media Literacy

Media is a double edge sword

Media according to the oxford dictionary is the main means of mass communication, regarded collectively. .Media has always been a part of society, and has always had the ability to influence its users or audience positively or negatively. The media has seen so many additions like the internet to it during the world's different stages of modernization, that it has become a requirement to have a basic level of intellect or knowledge to have easy access to it. This is also known as "media literacy”, which is an essential part of today because almost everything is done on the internet and without any knowledge about operating it almost impossible to live in the world comfortably.

Along with this new norm comes the term “media literacy”. To be media literate is to know how to utilize the various media, for the generation being media literate is not a problem but for the generations born before the technological age this is a real problem. Without each other they can’t exist due to the fact that technology is improving everything in every way around us, thus without the knowledge of them we basically set back ourselves from keeping up with the progress. Being media literate is something that’s become mandatory and will continue to get more and more sophisticated and complicated just because knowledge is always burgeoning and hardly stays stagnant. Even though media encourage the ongoing issue of social media making us anti-social, its beneficial to the future of technology and even further history.

ENTRY 2: V for Vendetta

In the speech given by V on BTN, he implies that their country is corrupted even though it is not apparent, this idea is conveyed when V says that “… there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? ” and in the process makes his audience question what they have already suspected or come to the same conclusion. V advances this idea when he points out that they are being oppressed by the “censors and systems of surveillance” which are being used to coerce them into conforming and also soliciting their submission.” ( 2), he also makes the people of England realize that apart from the government they also to blame for the situation at hand because they allowed themselves to be ruled by the fear created by Adam Sutler and then he makes them see that he understands why they let it happen. With the use of the corruption in their country like oppression, intolerance and injustice(V) in order to offer them a solution which is standing up to their government by observing the fifth of November outside the gates of Parliament. V opens and closes the speech by generally addressing the whole of London with a polite, calm and engaging.

ENTRY 3: Macbeth's downfall (Part I)

Macbeth is depicted as a hero but as the play goes on his qualities like his attentiveness to his wife and her wishes which make him a good husband but in this case isn't such a good thing due to her greed that becomes his undoing and fuels his ambition(his flaw).Even though his ambition was the main cause of his downfall his pride, gullibility,and his paranoia also caused him to be the weak insensitive king that every one hated and thus causing his soldiers to desert him during the battle at Dunsinane hill and his death
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Dystopian Societies (Part II)

V's fight against the government and the influential authority figures of London was caused by an injustice he suffered, which involved the use of civilians or citizens as test subjects for virus that would be used in coercing the people of that nation into a society that condoned oppression and constant surveillance. He fought against the government by informing the citizens of the situation and imploring them to go against the ideals of their government thus causing an uprising.
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ENTRY 4: Winston as Archetype

Winston is an archetype of what it means to be a human or person conscious of what is going on around him/her. In 1984 Winston is the symbol of the party’s downfall because he thinks for himself, questions things the party does that peaks his curiosity which all in all is rare, due to the party's efforts of achieving the complete obedience of its citizens and in the eradicating what it means to be human in the process. He also represents consciousness that will never be known to the citizens of Oceania because the party makes sure they never come to their senses when they occupy them with necessary distractions. For the proles, they are occupied by the lottery which is a fluke, the frequent bombings which are said to be from the enemies in the wars, and for the party members, the continuous activities and demands of jobs.


O’Brien is a victim of power, in my opinion because in reference to Dr. Zimbardo’s experiment and theory about power. People given the power in such situations end up manifesting a side of them they never thought were capable of and abusing the power they have been given. In O’Brien’s case it was what he needed in that society to survive and unlike Zimbardo he did not have anyone to wake him up, enabling him to spiral deeper into the folds of power. And honestly, O’Brien should not be held responsible for what he did to Winston because if he had not done that, the party would have found someone else to do his job for him.

ENTRY 7: Reflection

Looking back on my ideas on media literacy, i still think they are valid but i do think it has changed a little because over these few months it has come to my attention that people are trying to fight the negative aspects of media but they still have to be media literate to know what they are fighting for. In this class, i've learned that media can be powerful whether used for good or bad but especially if its used for doing good like bringing awareness to an issue that needs be addressed or even making someone laugh with some entertaining. On the other hand it can be used to spread terror pretty effectively and also cause harm to someones reputation if its intended to be used for that purpose. Due to my experience in my freshman language arts class, language arts became the subject that was much worse than math, until i took this class. What made this class so different was how my teacher tried to ease the stress with our workload by making the subjects and topics interesting enough for me to actually not freak out when i have to write essays on them. For future reference, the 1984 set up should have a few changes made to them like how the teachers co-ordinate their plans to make it easier to transition between the weeks.

ENTRY 8: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity

Technology in present time has improved very vastly and along these improvements have come addictions which are causing our social lives to suffer. The new norm that I’ve witnessed is for people to gather at a social event just to end up documenting about their presence and not actually experience what is going on around them or enjoy the company next to them. This is fast becoming a permanent reality which can be fixed if we used our gadgets when we alone, then put them on hold when we are with actual people so we can actually have stories and memories that don’t involve pulling out a phone to document the moment. Social media are the most responsible for this new addiction going around, but the worst part about this is that the only way it can be controlled is by completely abandoning or taking breaks from it from time to time. If this addiction to social media is furthered by adding more of them and isn’t controlled then we’ll just co-exist together and go through this world experiencing life through screens but not actually living it. With all its negative side effects, social media and technology can be used for good. To fully utilize the good parts without becoming addicted to them I honestly have to monitor how frequently I use it, also remember to take the moments in so I can look back on my younger days and be able to remember how It felt to be there not what my phone looked like or how many likes I got on that picture I posted. All in all social media is a hazard that can be controlled but not very easily and the results will be very worth it in the future.