Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The Third Wheel

Authors Theme

The theme in this story is "Family matters" gregs family helped him through the tough times when he couldnt get a date for the valentine day dance


Greg has always been bullied at school, he is constatntly told he is too small for his age. greg as it says in the story "all his clothes are manily hand-me-downs from rodrick". along with this greg cant ask out any girl becuase he knows they will reject him. knowing this greg tells rowley to join the committe to have people date greg.


the setting of this story takes place at gregs house, his school, and the very messey cornys reasturant.
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Gregs school is having a dance for valentine day and gregs immediatly knows that he cant get a date.so he asks his best freind rowley to join the student council commetie and tells him to tell people that they need to take greg to the dance thats coming up. know this didnt work so greg finds a new plan and that is too ask his uncle for advide and says that he should send the candy grams to himself to make it look like girsl are asking him out. this plan didnt work out at all. so greg starts to feak out and needs to find a date becuase if he doesnt his high school year could be ruined. he already gets made fun off enough this wouldnt help at all. so greg meets a girl at his local church. she says she needs a babysitter for her little brother. greg immediatly says yes not knowing that this kids is a little bit of a trouble maker. the kid ends up locking greg in the basement which sadly greg has to croos that girl off the list. but greg is flattered when he hears that a group of freinds will all go to the dance along with this gril that will dance with him. they end up going to dinner and when they get to the dance she ignored him the entire time. after some time past, the girl wants to dance with greg. but greg ruins it when he screams becuase he though she had chicken pocks when it was just a pimple. gregs night was ruined as she sat down and cried in the hallway