Young Athletes Playing Football?

By: Jade Seroka

Young Athletes Are Getting Injured

With a calamity this big, schools are reconsidering children at a young age to play football. Many injuries can affect the children in their later life, with problems mostly containing brain damage. This can affect the way the child learns, and will change their whole life. The question is, is it really worth it? For a little bit of fun, and school pride, for a kid to have their whole life crash down around them because of one mistake?

No. Kids should wait at least a little bit until they decide they want to play on an actual team, like in high school. Until then, they should stick to other sports, such as soccer, or maybe baseball. Injuries are on a higher scale when it comes to football. The risks are too high for young athletes to be playing such a rough and brutal game. As mentioned before, they should wait until in high school, when they are smarter and can decide if the risk is worth their whole life. Concussions went up from 1997-2011. More than 248,000 children are sent to hospitals because of injuries.

In the end, football is just too dangerous. The rate of concussions is just to high. We could be losing a lot of really good children, who could've accidentally hurt themselves because they decided to have a little fun.