Stephanie's Bucket List

April 11, 2014 - 3rd Period

Cable car in China

The longest cable car ride in the world is located on Tianmen Mountain in China. The ride is 7,455 meters long, and goes up and down a total of 1,279 meters. You can ride through mountains which are formed over time by physical weathering. Wind and water are both agents of erosion.

Marathon des Sables in Morocco

Marathon des Sables is a 254 kilometer ultra marathon through the Sahara Desert. All racers have six days, and must carry all of their own equipment. The desert is constantly changing due to physical weathering and the wind is an agent of erosion.

Kayaking in Washington

I would like to kayak over the waterfall at Palouse Falls State Park in Washington, where there is a 186 foot drop. In 2009, Tyler Bradt set the world record at Palouse Falls for the highest kayak drop ever. The rocks around the waterfall are affected by physical weathering, and sediment is carried away by the moving water.

Cliff Jumping in Jamaica

Negril, Jamaica, is a popular spot for cliff jumping, with the highest cliff measuring 35 feet. The cliffs found here are worn away over time by physical weathering. WInd and water are the agents of erosion.

Hot air Balloning in Turkey

You can get a great view from hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia, Turkey. The balloons fly up to 2,000 feet high, which gives you awesome views of land forms! Most of the land forms are formed by physical weathering, and wind is an agent of erosion that's found here.
Hot Air Balloon Rides Over Cappadocia, Turkey - Timelapse