Fulton Middle School Explo Classes

Mission Possible! - September 23, 2016

Thank you from your FMS EXPLO Team!

Thank you for reading the FMS EXPLO newsletter this year. You will find all of the EXPLO teachers and counselors contact information below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions. Together, we can make our mission possible!

Coach Masek, Coach Windmiller, Coach Youse

P.E.- Students have rotated into their second unit: soccer, flag football and softball. As the weather gets cooler, please remind your child to bring weather appropriate attire and material such as sweats, jackets, etc.

Grades have been updated and are based on Missouri P.E. Standards.

Lifetime Wellness- Students have mastered skill related fitness and will now move onto activities revolving around health-related fitness.

Innovations- Our tower gardens are growing more and more! Students are creating a video about what tower gardens are, how they work, and where our produce will go.

dmasek@fulton58.org @CoachMasek5

awindmiller@fulton58.org @CoachWindmiller

myouse@fulton58.org @CoachYouse

Get Reminders about P.E. class by texting @fmspe to 81010

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Mr. Jackson

Resources, get your resources here....(Hopefully you heard that in a stadium vendor's voice). Isn't that exactly how we treat almost everything in life? Not like it comes from a stadium vendor, but that it is "on demand". We look for things that we can purchase rather than work at to get better. One of the things that we get to try and help our students grasp and grow in themselves is the desire to succeed. I once heard a keynote speaker make the statement, "You will be successful when you no longer have to be convinced to do the work. When you want to do it, and you want to succeed for no other reason than being able to do it and do it well, that's when you'll truly be successful."

I love when students come into the library and are pumped up to find that next book in the series or looking for a specific kind of book. But without fail they will come and ask me to help them find it, which usually means find it for me. Also without fail I will do my best to equip them to not need me. I will teach them how to look it up on the Mac stations, I will point them in the general direction and ensure they have an idea of what they are looking for, or I will tell them to give it a shot on their own first. I don't want students to be consumers only, I want them to be successful learners of systems and habits that will benefit them for life.

Check out these students (picture below) that are using our resource center for something other than book check out!

Help us as we try and help bring your student to the "Next level Hornets".

Feel free to contact me at jjackson@fulton58.org with any questions or concerns.


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Mrs. Bailey

Please check out the Digital Citizenship information at commonsensemedia.org. This site will help you keep up-to-date with current issues and trends in technology. Check out the "Parent" section! We are very proud at FMS to be recognized as a Digital Citizenship Certified School.

Please feel free to contact me at any time through email: jbailey@fulton58.org

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All computer classes continued their keyboarding this week. Typing WPM goal are going up next week: 19 WPM for 6th grade, 22 WPM for 7th grade, and 25 WPM for 8th grade. Students were instructed if they did not meet their minimum goals this week, he/she were encouraged to practice at home as well. They may practice anytime at typingtraining.com. Students can even use their Chromebooks to practice anywhere they have a connection. They all have their login information. If you have any issues logging on at home, please email me.

You can monitor your child's progress at home and school by going to the reports menu after they have logged into Typing Training.

In addition to typing, 6th grade students learned about computer parts, while 7th and 8th grade learned about using and coding Sphero programmable balls.

Ms. Glynn and Ms. Neudecker

6th grade band: 6th grade band is now split into like instrument groups. Students have been working on assembling their instruments, making sounds on the mouthpiece, articulating as well as their first few notes. Please encourage your students to bring their instruments home and practice.

7th grade band: 7th grade band has been working on learning their first scales. The band has also began to receive sheet music for their concert in October. The students are also taking their first playing quiz of the year on the concert B-flat scale.

8th grade band: 8th grade band will be marching with the high school band at the football game on Friday, September 23. The band is sounding great with the Star Spangled Banner and Fulton Boy. I am so proud of the progress they are making and cannot wait to see what else they produce throughout the year. The polos are in and you can send money to school with your student. They are going to be $13.00 a piece.

7th and 8th grade wire choir: The wire choirs are continuing to learn songs in TAB and are working on learning new chord progressions. We have opened up our digital profiles and are in the process of recording our chord progressions and tracking our progress. Each student will have a google folder that they can share with you so you can track their progress from home.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via email at sglynn@fulton58.org or kneudecker@fulton58.org.

Mr. Chapman

From The Art Room

6th Grade classes are finishing up the torn paper animals and I have to say they did an awesome job! We will be starting some new projects this week, as well as some zentangle.

7th Grade classes are working to finish their old barn drawings, they have really worked hard on these and they all did a fantastic job. I pushed them really hard on this one, and they overcame some artistic challenges, and really pushed themselves. We had a pretest over the Elements and Principles of Art, and we are creating collaborative posters for study. We will have a test over the material in a couple weeks after we start our next project on abstraction.

8th Grade classes are finishing up on the American Gothic unit, we will have a post test next week. Their next project will be design their own personal Coat of Arms. They will learn the aging process and some medieval terminology.

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Artfully yours,

Mr Chapman

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Ms. Lehman and Dr. Moebes


Hornet Singers...though they be but few, they be mighty!

It's been great getting to know these students voices as we navigate the world of choral singing. We've been busy building our sight-reading skills and applying our "do, re, mi's" to our concert repertoire.

We've also been busy training our ears to singing in an ensemble setting instead of as a soloist or just with a friend. Listening is music is a key skill that can really bring a choir together. They are making strides!

Choir polos are available for purchase and payment may be brought to Miss Lehman anytime before Oct. 21. Cash and check are both acceptable methods of payment with the check made out to "Fulton Middle School (FMS) Choirs". The cost is $13 for sizes S-L and $15 for XLarge and up. ALL students will need a choir polo to go along with their student provided khaki pants and black closed-toe shoes. Please make sure you are getting these items asap so there isn't a last minute stress placed on you or the child when concert time arrives (Oct. 24).

The choir handbook and schedule is online for your perusal anytime. (www.fulton58.org)


We had yet another great rehearsal last Tuesday and we are SO EXCITED to meet once again this Tuesday! Our amazing group is made up of a mixture of 6th-8th grade (7th/8th band or guitar members) and has great energy and interest in making great music. Rehearsals are every Tuesday from 3:20 - 4:15 in the FMS choir room (G07).

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact me at llehman@fulton58.org.


Hornet Pride Choir is off to a great start! Our daily warm-up includes rhythm practice through writing AND performing basic rhythms and solfege. Students have received a couple of pieces of music that will be part of our performances for the first portion of the year.

I'm so proud of our 7th grade singers. They are working hard, and growing every day!

PLEASE REMEMBER that choir members MUST be in uniform at ALL of our performances this year. You may purchase the required polo shirt by bring $13 ($15 for XL) to Dr. Moebes. You will receive a receipt for your payment.


6th grade Arts Alive students have worked so hard to develop rhythm skills, and to practice reading music notation.

We have learned the "Cups" song from Pitch Perfect. We have just begun forming our bands for our upcoming BATTLE OF THE BANDS: CUPS EDITION! Students will be able to use cups, straw, lids, and anything they can create as a musical instrument using ONLY objects related to drinking beverages. They are welcome to bring objects from home to supplement our classroom cup collection.

Hey! Our Spotify station is up and running! Songs found on this list were personally selected by students in Arts Alive. Each of these songs appear on albums reviewed by these awesome 6th graders. You can check out our Spotify Playlist by visiting the link that follows. If you do not have Spotify, you can download the FREE version of the app/program to enjoy our playlist. Great job writing your music reviews, and selecting songs that represent your artists, crew! https://open.spotify.com/user/fmsartsalive/playlist/34AscxVPONY73UFfDmYAu8

Foreign Cultures

We have been creating our Tour of Latin America slideshow. Students are being creative, and researching amazing landmarks throughout Latin America. We are approaching this project as travel agents. We want to "sell" you on the incredible landmarks and historically significant sights found throughout Latin America! We can't wait to take you on our tour! Soon you will be able to explore the landmarks we've been studying! Keep an eye out in next week's newsletter!

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR FOREIGN CULTURES CLASSES! I would love to welcome guests who would like to speak to our classes about their cultural perspectives and experiences. I am especially looking for people who are from, or have spent time in Africa, and Asia. Please contact me if you are interested in sharing with our class!


Career Exploration has been fortunate to have two outstanding guests recently: Mr. Richard Skelton of MODOT, and Michele Spry, local author and business owner. Thanks to Mr. Skelton for sharing information about his work, and career path, and for bringing some MODOT gifts for our class. Special thanks to Ms. Spry for donating copies of BOTH of her books to the FMS Library. Please feel free to check her out on Facebook, or on Twitter at @ms_spry. She is currently working on many projects. Watch for your student to bring home information about her exciting venture with a local World War II hero!

Next week, we will welcome Mr. Matthew Moebes to talk to us about military service, security, and computer science. On October 7th, Ms. Andrea Fansler will be our guest, sharing information about Health Professions from a nurse's perspective!

Please ask your student about the way they are going to choose to "show what they know". Students have received the guidelines for their capstone project. They get to choose from a variety of ways to share what they are learning!

Call for volunteers! As part of our Careers class, I am looking for guests to come speak to the class. If you are interested in coming to talk to us about your job, please let me know. We would LOVE to have you. My intention is to spotlight the 4-5 areas of career interest that our class chooses. We can certainly benefit from learning from YOU!

Please feel free to contact me at any time: bmoebes@fulton58.org. On Twitter: @MoebesMusic

FMS Guidance: Mrs. Garner & Mrs. Horstmeier

Focus for September: Goal Setting

Goal Setting Mission: Your Mission, if you chose to accept it...

1. Think of something you would like to change about yourself either academically or socially that will make you a better version of yourself.

2. On a note card or piece of paper write the following:

a. What change would you like to see in yourself?

b. How could you make this change?

c. State your goal (be specific, make it measurable, attainable, and with a time limit)

3. Bring your note card to Guidance and receive a treasure!

The Guidance Office is here to help students and parents.

Here are a few ways you can reach out to us:

Mrs. Garner works with students with last name starting with M-Z and can be reached at sgarner@fulton58.org,

Mrs. Horstmeier works with students with a last name starting with an A-L and can be reached at shorstmeier@fulton58.org and

Ms. Jo is the Guidance Office secretary and can be reached at jwilliamson@fulton58.org.

Guidance Office phone number is 573-590-8208

Guidance Office is open 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Mark your calendars for some Important Dates!

First Parent Teacher Student Conferences of the year are October 26th or November 2nd. 3:30 to 7:00. Just pick one evening to attend!


Please keep in mind that some students at FMS have an allergy to nuts, tree nuts and popcorn. Please be mindful of what food your child is bringing to school and the signs throughout the school building. Thank you!


The FMS HIVE is in its third week and going strong. We still need more volunteers so we can serve more students. The HIVE is an after school tutor/mentorship program. We need community and parent volunteers to help on Tuesdays - Thursdays, 3:15-4:30. If you can volunteer one day a week, or even all three, please contact Mrs. Bailey at jbailey@fulton58.org. A volunteer application can be accessed here: http://www.fulton58.org/vimages/shared/vnews/stories/528f925c81973/New%20Volunteer%20Application.pdf