Listen Up Teens!

Put an end to drinking before it puts an end to you!

Why do teens begin to drink?

Teens begin to drink for a variety of reasons whether it's to fit in, feel older or feel good. Sometimes pure curiosity is the factor that drives teens to drink, a decision that could ultimately alter their path from one of success to an unclear future. Alcohol is extremely addictive and has many factors that are dangerous if not deadly to the developing body of a teen. The best way to not get addicted is to not start! Think before you go to a party that you know there will be alcohol. Think about your past with alcohol and how it could affect your future and those around you to make the decision that needs to be made whether you like it or not.
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How does alcohol affect you?

Alcohol is a substance that can mix with both fatty and watery liquids meaning when you drink it, it will negatively affect every cell in your body. Alcohol doesn't wait, the moment you swallow it your body begins to slow down. Gradually as you drink more your senses become weaker and weaker and you lose more control of your body and all the function of your body. This includes what comes out of your mouth meaning you can say things that you would never say while sober, things you could regret later. When you drink enough alcohol; which isn't that much only 2 or 3 beers; you lose control of your emotions which could mean you become angry and violent or loopy and silly doing things you wouldn't do. A possible outcome of just once drinking enough to zone out is you could have sex which would possibly result in pregnancy and poof! Life as you know it is lost. Don't make stupid impulse decisions to fit in or impress your peers its not worth it! Make the responsible decision and stay as far away as alcohol as you can until you are the appropriate age and at a higher responsibility level to make good decisions.
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The Slow Death of an Alcoholic

The effects of alcohol on the body slowly increase as you drink more and more. You tell yourself "I'll just have one", but then its two and three and then you wake up a day later not remembering anything that happened. Your liver can only handle one drink for every hour of time, if you drink more than this the liver cannot handle it so the alcohol has to expand into the blood stream. As more and more alcohol reaches your blood stream it flows through the brain as well as the body leaving no cell untouched and rapidly decreasing your senses, (see the picture below).
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The image above shows all the things in your brain that aren't able to function because of the affects of alcohol. These affects could lead to poor grades in school as well as an inability to think and problem solve as effectively as you used to be able to.

Long term effects

Possible long term affects of a consistent drinker are as follows:

Damaged Liver: A damaged liver results in the whole body suffering. Liver disease also known as cirrhosis, [which drinkers are at an increased risk to get] causes high blood pressure which can lead to strokes or heart attacks possibly resulting in death. Liver damage also affects your bodies immune systems ability to fight off infections which can result in further complications for a person's health.

Pregnancy: A drinker who becomes pregnant with a child puts their child at risk for fetal alcohol syndrome. This means the child could be born with permanent mental or physical retardation as well as facial abnormalities.

Cancer: Cancer is a very serious illness that alcohol drinkers are more susceptible to. Types of cancer that drinkers are more prone to include mouth, throat, lung, liver, pancreas and rectum cancer.