Tropical Rain Forest

Biome Project

The Vitals of the Tropical Rain Forest

Climate of the Tropical Rain Forest

Average temperature: above 20 degrees C

Average rainfall: 250- 450 cm/year (8-14 feet a year)

Seasonal Changes: Because of the rain forests' location, there is not much of a change from season to season. It is usually hot and humid all year long.

Plant Life

The tropical rain forest is a very diverse biome. In just one of the rain forests, La Selva in Costa Rica, has over 1,600 species of plants. Most of the plants have a "drip tip" on their leaves. A drip tip is at the point at the end of a leaf that allows excess water to fall off easily. This is extremely important because the rain needs to get away from the trees and plants so they don't die.


Like the plants, there is an extremely diverse population of animals living in the tropical rain forest. There is no specific type of animal. It ranges from insects to mammals.

Predator and Prey

Ecological Concerns

The biggest threat to the tropical rainforest is humans. We are tearing down trees quicker than they are able to reproduce which leaves thousands of animals without homes. This results in the extinction of many species.

The biome is important to the world because there is still so much left to discover in it. Also, it contains many of the resources we use everyday. There are species of animals living in the rain forest that don't live anywhere else.

Fun Facts!

  • Scientists believe that there are still thousands of plants and animals species yet to be discovered in the rain forest.
  • There are still tribes living in the rain forests. Some tribes don't like outside communication, others don't mind it.
  • Rain forests used to cover 14% of Earth, but now they only cover 6%.