One cannot compare purchasing ready to occupy flats in Chennai with buying a handbag, pair of shoes or mobile where we are involved in impulsive buying. Buying an apartment does require careful planning and a proper understanding of both personal and legal requirements to ensure that the investment is safe and returns are good in the long term.

premium apartments in Chennai : The individual after purchasing the apartment can either have it locked and can stay during his visit to the country or give it on rent to someone reliable.

Budget apartments in Chennai are those constructed especially for low income group or for people who are early in their careers since they cannot make big investments.

The population growth and the resulting demand for quality real estate spaces is evident in the scores of residential projects in Chennai in various forms like tall buildings, luxurious villas, gated communities and modern apartments in the city.

As the prices have gone way up, I avoid looking at apartments in Chennai for sale ads in the paper and online portals. Over a period of time, it became an obsession for me to look at apartments for sale in Chennai announcements in all forms viz., hand bills, flex banners outside ongoing projects, bus backs, posters, paper ads and online portals.

cheap apartments for sale in Chennai : Even old apartments are sold at very high price as people take into consideration the increased land value and not taking into account the depreciating values of old flats.

apartments for sale in OMR : The rapid development along the OMR has made the place one of the most happenings spots in Chennai. But when you respond to 'apartments for sale in OMR' or 'flats for sale in OMR' ads, you can see the prices are way too high for a commoner to even think of buying an apartment in OMR.

Recently, residential apartments for sale in Chennai are fast becoming a wonderful choice among aspiring home owners, since it provides a distinctive lifestyle trend, increasing price of houses and higher cost of living.

There are plenty of low budget apartments in chennai, which the individual can select and get one that meets his budget, without burning his pocket.

In our day to day life, we come across numerous advertisements, hand bills, posters, bill boards saying 'apartments for sale in Medavakkam' 'flats for sale in Medavakkam', 'luxury apartments for sale in Sholinganallur, 'budget apartments at Porur' etc,.