Child Obesity In Canada

By: Keerthana 7G

It says: a quote

“More Canadian children are overweight and for the first time the country's younger generations are expected to live shorter lives than their parents because of obesity”

-The Gazette (Montreal)

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I say: My opinion

This quote explains the consequence of child obesity in Canada. It is trying to tell you what has happened because of children becoming obese. I think it’s a fear factor. It’s trying to make people scared or nervous about themselves(if they’re a kid) or their kids(if they’re parents). I reacted to this by thinking about how bad the situation is and i really didn’t realize it had gotten this bad. It made me think about what i can do to become more healthier in my food choices and the if the amount of daily physical activity i do is enough.

And so: What could you do?

This matters because it’s the truth and people can’t deny that the health of the children of this generation isn’t at a good state, forever. This article/quote, might cause people to become aware of how severe the situation is, and it might get them thinking about trying to look at healthier food options and ways to exercise more. You can do many things about it though, other than being aware of the situation. You can try to change it. First you can start by making sure the food you eat is healthy. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up junk food, just avoid eating it on a regular basis. Also make sure the meals you eat are balanced with foods from the food groups. Exercise is also a key component in becoming healthier. Sixty minutes a day is a recommended amount for children. Play outside with friends. It’s fun and good for you. That’s what you could do yourself or if you’re a parent, you could encourage these things to your children.