By: Israel.Kiwabonga

Country Basics

The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku, the largest city on the Caspian Sea, and on its flag blue symbolizes Turkic heritage, red stand for progress and green represents Islam.


Azerbaijan's location

Azerbaijan is located in Asia, Persia, Iran,Georgia and Russia are all around Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan has a lot of mountains.
Maiden Tower, Azerbaijan T.V. tower and Bay of Baku are landmarks in Azerbaijan.
Caspian Sea, Aras and Lori are three major bodies of water in Azerbaijan.
polluted drinking water, air pollution and genetic mutation are all effects of the environment.


Azerbaijan has a presidential system.
The presidents are chosen by demonstrating what they'll do as presidents(which takes hours)
The citizens are not forced to pay taxes , they are allowed to vote for whoever they want to be their leader.


Azerbaijan's economy is somewhere between the rich and the poor.
They use Azerbaijan Manat (THEIR MONEY)
Their main import is to balance their money so they can have more money.
Life Expectancy- 44-74 years.
Birth Rate-1,000 new born children a year.
Literacy Rate- 99.5 percent.
Drinking Water Source- 80.2% of population.


Azerbaijan traditional dress for women and traditional robe for men.
Language- Azerbaijani
Their holiday is called Norwuz.
Their region is Islam( most of them are Islamic.
Plov- a type of food the eat in Azerbaijan.
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Azerbaijan has 88% humidity,
and also has 0 precipitation.
and the wind goes 17 mph.
The average yearly rainfall is 55%.
Average yearly temperature is 50 degrees yearly temperature
There is a lot more humidity and rainfall each year.

They love to study to accomplish there achievements.They keep their bank accounts balanced.


Religion: Islamic, Russian
Government: President, Prim Minister
Food: Pilaf, Plov
Shelter: Apartments,Houses
Clothing: Traditional dress for women, Traditional robe for men.

Differences and Similarities

Differences: more are Muslim than Russian
Similarities: Both American and Russian have the same amount of people in their regions.
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Azerbaijan Landscapes