Distance Learning Resources

For West Lake Wallabies!

Daily Schedule for Plan B Transition/Virtual Academy:

Dear Parents,

During this time away from school due to COVID-19, we want you to know that we are working hard to provide your child with continued, consistent, instruction. We have created a learning schedule that we feel mirrors that of a typical day in school. Please find our daily schedule here.

The full implementation of this schedule will begin on August 31, 2020. Prior to this date we will have one-on-one conferences with each family, supply kit pick up, and lessons the second week of orientation to establish proper protocols and expectations for online learning.

On August 31, each morning will begin with a class meeting and daily Positivity Project focus. Curriculum delivery will occur daily starting Aug. 31 and each child will be teamed with a pair of teachers to support their academic needs. You will be getting a phone call from your child's teacher this week to introduce themselves and collect some important information.

Virtual Open House and Meet the Teacher will take place on Thursday and Friday this week. When your child's teacher calls this week they will collect your email address and share how to access the Open House.

Thursday, August 13th

5:00-5:45 Kindergarten

5:50-6:35 1st Grade

6:40-7:25 2nd Grade

Friday, August 14th

5:00-5:45 3rd Grade

5:50-6:25 4th Grade

6:30-7:25 5th Grade

School Supply Rodeo

In order to adhere to proper social distancing guidelines, we will be doing a "School Supply Rodeo." Teachers will be having a trunk decorating contest and will pass out supply kits and Yearbooks as families drive by. All families will need to remain in their vehicles. We will utilize the lower parking lot for K-2 teachers, the carpool loop for PTA Supply Box pick up, and the bus parking lot for our 3rd-5th grade teachers. We'd love to invite you to surprise our teachers with your best-decorated car! A map with locations of teachers will be provided next week.

Wednesday, August 19th

Morning Time Slot - 10:00-12:00

Evening Time Slot 5:00-7:00

Thursday, August 20th

Morning Time Slot - 10:00-12:00 (Only slot for Thursday)

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Reading Comprehension

Additional Resources

At-Home Activities That Don't Require Technology

Dice Dots for Sight Words and Vocabulary

Using Dice to practice vocabulary words or unknown words from a story:

1 dot= draw the word

2 dots= write meaning

3 dots= use in a sentence

4 dots= write a synonym for the word

5 dots= write an antonym for the word

6 dots= write it in cursive

or to practice sight words:

1 dot= write the word using other hand

2 dots= write the word fast

3 dots= write the word with eyes closed

4 dots= write the word with color or in a fancy way

5 dots= write the word using all capitals

6 dots= write the word using tiny letters

Rhyming, Blending, Segmenting

Practice rhyming words. What words rhyme with cat? hat, sat, bat...

Practice blending words: What word does this make? cup-cake, cupcake! (c) (a) (t) cat!

Practice segmenting words: Say cat, now say cat without (c)...at!


Create flashcards using letters, words, vocabulary, etc.


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