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Technology could save your life or ruin your life.



Adrianne:Stuck in love

Dear Adrianne:

My heart is stuck on this girl. She's been a big help with my friend.But through this process of saving him I've fallen for her.I feel stupid for not telling her, but I'm sure she knows. She's just beautiful. However, I don't know how to let her know for sure that I love her. Should I wait or come out and tell her?

Stuck In Love

Dear Stuck in Love:

I understand and see that you like this girl a lot. And I don't really know y'all's relationship right now, but I think you should. Yeah, tell her and just maybe she'll feel the same way. Hopefully she does. And if she doesn't don't sweat it. Just lay low and wait but don't give up.


If you could hack into anything, would you?

Brain jack isn't only a book. No, now it's a movie and guess what kind? A must see movie. It's filled with mysteries and adventure. It's about technology. Well hacking into stuff. There's theses two kids Sam and Fargas, that just want a Neuro headset. But they can't. So Sam hacks into the Neuro building and gets two One for each. After they get them they see the girl, Ursula. She gives them directions on how to use the headsets and set them up. But turns out she's evil. Sam gets a job working for the CDD, which is all hacking. And she ends up getting in there computers because everyone there has a Nuero headset. She messed up Swamp Witch's head and put her in the hospital. But shortly after the same thing happened to Dodge, Sam's partner. And Kiwi accused Sam of the problems. That's the climax. You gotta come see the movie with me to figure out the rest. must see!
"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots".

~Albert Einstein

Feature Article

This book starts off with Sam, a genius in the making, a really good hacker. That ended up hacking into the White House. Which he got arrested for. But got out of jail because he hacked into there system. After he got out he got a job offering to work for the CDD, a hacking job. Not a lot of people know about it. He accepted the jon offering and started working with Dodge. And while they where getting to know each other. Ursula, a evil pretty girl inside the Neuro Headset. She messed with Swanp Witch's head and put her in the hospital. However, not long after that Ursula did the same thing to Dodge. Afterwards Sam was accused of doing all of it by Kiwi. So Sam took Dodge and ran Away with the help of a girl named Vienna, the girl Sam started to like. They ran away and Dodge got better but people were still coming after them.