and the skill they need

skills you would need

To be a success full entrepreneur you need certain skills like:

Relentlessness, to show how determined you are to get where you want to go in life.

Determination, to show that you wont give up on your dream.

motivation, because If you don't feel good about it what's the point.

Confidence, because if your not confident abut your self and your idea then what's going to get you to where you wan to be.

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An entrepreneur is some one who has a crazy idea and try to make it work and actually become's sucessful from their idea.

You need relentlessness because if you get half way through making the idea successful and it starts to take a little longer and you give up then what was the point in starting it off.

Also need determination because if you want your idea to work and not fail then you need to be determined to keep your dream alive.

motivation is also a key skill because if you have a good idea and you really think that it could be successful the more motivation you have the more confident you will be that it will work.

Confidence, will be a definite help because if your confident that it will work then it will help you to stick with your idea and not let it go.