ePortfolio Project

Thomas Han


My name is Dongyup Han. I go by Thomas Han. I am Korean. I will be majoring business administration at UTD for this fall semester. I am the youngest in my family. I have one brother and one sister. I enjoy listening to musics and to watch movies. My dream is to become a businessmen. My dad was a businessmen and he worked for Hyundai Merchant Marine. And I want to join there as my dad did.


My major goal is obviously becoming a businessmen and start my career in Hyundai Merchant Marine. Also, I am still a graduate high school student. I will be in University of Texas at Dallas. I want to be success in my college life. I am still very unskilled with English so I want to develop my reading and writing skill for my future in college. My short term goal would be to pass this course with a good grade. This is my first time attending college, and I had some issues in enrolling my classes in UTD. It was TSI, and because of that I decided to take this class for summer. I will do my best to pass this class and get a high grade so I can get my TSI cleared up and be able to enroll in English and History classes.


The book "Academic Transformation: Road to Success" taught me a lot. Chapter 7 which was "Establishing Direction in Your Life" was the most impressive one. This chapter taught me how to find my goals and how to process my goals. It was always hard for me to actual take an action to achieve my goal. "Goals-the end or achievement toward which you direct your efforts." To achieve my goal I have to plan my schedule and what I am going to do. By studying this book, it allowed me to schedule my summer. I finally got my goal for this summer and I planned how to achieve this goal. I followed the action statement and strategies and activities. It helped me on how to achieve my goal.


This course helped me in variety of ways. As in my annotation it make me think about my goal and how to achieve and also, what to do in order to get my future career. This course taught me how to manage time and how to read better and how to write better. I always concerned about my English skills. This course developed me more than I thought. I am glad to see my progress on my skills and I hope I still develop a lot throughout this course. My long term goal is being a businessmen and I think I am getting a picture of how to plan to become one. This course brightened my path to achieve the career I want.


I see myself actually achieving my goals right now. My concerns about myself was getting distracted by technologies and not managing time. This course taught me about these two problems and how to resolve them. Although it was hard at first I tried my best because I will be going to college starting from fall. I don't want these two problems blocking away from succeeding in my college life. I also concerned about how to pass this class at first because online course is all new to me. Sometimes it was hard to know these information about using blackboard but I got used to it now. Finally, I personally thought that class discussion was a good thing to do. It didn't only developed my writing skills but also allowed me to talk to other people and get to know them. Also, I got to share my feelings and thoughts about what we have been taught and to read what they were concerned about.