Over Rated Andrew

By Jake hamilton


Even though he adopted an Indian baby he still is known for slaughtering many Indians. The first Indian group he slaughtered was the creek Indians. This is the first of his many Indian slaughters in the War of 1812. He went to all the Indians towns and slaughtered all of the Creek Indians.

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Too Much Power

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. He should've been the sixth president but John Quincy Adams bribed the leader of Congress Henry Clay to win the election. The next election Andrew Jackson won by a landslide beating John Quincy Adams. When he goes in to presidency he oversteps his boundaries many times using too much power. One of the major times he overstepped his power was when the natives went to court against Georgia in what is known as Worcester V. Georgia. Judge John Marshall declares that the natives should stay on their land, but Andrew Jackson had other plans. He completely ignored the court ruling and sent the natives of to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears.

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King Andrew

This Political Cartoon is showing how Andrew Jackson overused his powers as president. It is calling him someone who does everything for the good of himself

Spoil System

Andrew Jackson created something known as the spoil system. It is where you hire people who support you for government jobs. This is helping him get more things done but the decision is more biased. And helped him get whatever he wanted. This is another way he took advantage of his presidential powers.

Andrew Jackson - Good Evil & The Presidency - PBS Documentary