Homework Overload

Are students being given too much homework?

Too much homework can be stressful

Everyday students go to school only to go home to more work. Too much work can be harmful for teenagers. Too much homework can cause stress and anxiety. Many students are depressed because of being overworked. Students should only be given 10 minutes of homework each night per class.

The amount of homework given causes students to have lack of sleep

Students are supposed to get nine to nine and a half hours of sleep every night, but with this homework issue most only get seven to seven and a half hours. Lack of sleep can be very harmful to the average teenager. Our teenage years are when we require the most sleep, and homework is taking this away from us. Not getting the amount of sleep required can lead to students not being able to focus in school, or sleeping during lessons. This is a problem because school should be the place to learn, and home should be the place to sleep but it seems as if its being switched around.

Homework takes away from our time to sleep

Only giving ten minutes of homework per class can make a huge difference

Opposing statements

Some people agree that we need more homework in order to achieve success. This can be true but too much can only hurt us. It does not take 12 pages of homework each night to become good at something. Besides that is what we go to school for. Our homes should be places to relax.
Are students being given too much homework?