Ashley Wagner

By: Brandon Ortiz

Ashley Wagner

Ashley Wagner was born on May 16, 1991. Her parents are Eric Wagner and Melissa Wagner. Ashley Wagner currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Figure Skating Career

Ashley Wagner became an Olympian by working hard and succeeding. She won some of her hardest competitions to become an Olympian. She has won the 2012 Four Continent Champion, 2012 Trophée, and she is the Eric Bompard champion.

Maximum Heart Rate and Target Heart Rate

Ashley Wagner is 22 years old and her maximum heart rate is 198 and her target heart rate is 158-178.

Figure Skater

Ashley Wagner is an amazing figure skater. She got a gold medal on her very first competition. Ashley was first motivated by watching Tara Lipinski win her gold medal.


Whenever Ashley Wagner can do yoga she will do it. She also runs a lot and she focuses on boosting her cardio. For fun she does paddle boarding or just swim. She also lifts weights and focuses mainly on her abs.

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