Morello Park Elementary School

October Newsletter


This month, ou provide will be valued and important. Research shows that children do better in school when the parents are partners with the classroom teacher. We encourage you to attend, arrive on time and we welcome your feedback so that we can support your child.

fall parety reminders

Please remember to use our crosswalks in our drop off and pick up area. Drop off your children in the drop off lane, pulling as far forward as you can. We have had parents dropping off prior to the supervised area, dropping off in the drive-thru lane and parents crossing their children at the steps that lead up to the neighborhood. This is extremely dangerous. Each and every day our actions are speaking to our children. Someday when they start to get older, you may not be with them and we want them to instinctively know to always use a crosswalk. Thank you for demonstrating to all of our children safe procedures during drop off and pick up.