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Happy New Year!

I hope the holidays brought some much needed rest and relaxation for you! January is a great month to focus in on your school improvement process. Staff members will be returning with fresh minds and a spirit of wanting to "do better". Please do not hesitate to contact me as you rejoin your place in the PDSA cycle!

212 Degrees

The culture within schools has the opportunity to change drastically in the months ahead. As the winter months droll on, students become antsy, school breaks become few and far between, and testing season lurks. How do you maintain a positive culture despite the impending doom? 212 Degrees is the extra degree that sets a tone of optimism, care, and accountability within organizations. It helps people be more engaged, positive, and results-focused. It creates a culture of success! Curious to learn more? Check out the book, or the multimedia clip (link is below).

If you're interested in assessing your school's culture in regards to school improvement, please let me know - we have a rubric for that! :)

Watch the movie here!

Local Student Achievement Data

As you begin to plan for your next leadership team meeting, consider spending time reflecting on student achievement data and student work. Have PLC's been sharing student work during their meeting time? What pieces of that can be brought to your leadership team? Reviewing local student achievement data, including student work, allows your leadership team to review the impact instructional changes are having on student learning. Are you seeing positive results? These conversations and reflections can lead to adjustments in your school improvement plan as needed and will result in greater gains for students. Please contact me if you'd like assistance with this process.

Local Literacy Plan

We're only 1/2 way through our school year, but as an administrator, that means it's time to begin planning for next year! Have you reviewed your local literacy plan? It might sound crazy to begin this process now however, feedback from your leadership team in regards to assessing instructional strengths and opportunities, will lighten your load this June! You'll also find some great connections between your reading SIP goal and your local literacy plan. The Minnesota Department of Education has created an ELA implementation toolkit containing checklists for each stage of standards implementation (links are below). These helpful (and short) checklists can serve as powerful reflection tools as you begin to review your local literacy plan. Please contact me if you'd like assistance with this process.

Self-Assessment #1

Self-Assessment #2

Self-Assessment #3

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