Washington This Week

August 9, 2020

From Lori & Stephanie...

Team Washington,

We are so excited to begin our professional development with you over the next two weeks! Even if our students will not be joining us in person for the first day of school, we know that your enthusiasm and positivity will be conveyed to your class through your videos and virtual teaching! This will be a year to remember!

Helpful resources, important reminders, and the agenda for the weeks of August 10 and August 17 are listed below. We made sure to build in plenty of work time. We can't wait to see the outstanding things that you do with Seesaw and with each other as you collaborate! Also, a reminder that Support Staff reports to Washington on August 14.

A big SHOUT OUT to Wilnellia, Emily, Shannon and Trevor for working so hard this past week to get students enrolled and class lists closer to being done!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions! We can't wait to see everyone!

Love you all!

Lori & Stephanie

Mindset is Everything...

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Back To School!

  • Our PD Schedule is a work in progress. Please check it frequently as we all know things are changing on the fly!

  • All staff will report to sites each work day.

  • Staff members at all levels have the same work hours for each PD day (8:00 AM - 4:00 PM).

  • Please be sure to wear a face covering and take your temp/complete the health form when you arrive.

Happy Birthday To You!

Kara Karns - Aug. 7

Lindsay Schemm - Aug. 8

Tammy Arce - Aug. 15

Joan Koerner - Aug. 25

Beverly Waiters - Aug. 29

Calendar/Work Hours

  • UPDATED WORK CALENDARS: Specific occupations are listed at the top left side of each calendar, according to the number of your contract days (e.g. Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Counselor, Librarian):
  • Daily contract hours will remain the same.

Technology Update

  • Technology devices will also be distributed to students based on what parents indicated on their enrollment. For now, one device per family will be distributed during the week of August 17th. More information will be coming about where that will happen and what procedures will be followed for distribution. After that initial distribution, the district will look at the number of devices left and determine procedures for families to get multiple devices as needed. More details will come about this as we receive them!
  • The district tech department is also working to put hotspots out around Norman to help families access internet service.
  • Apple TVs have been installed in classrooms!

Math Update

The following Everyday Math information was shared by our math coordinator, Jamie Rentzel. It may be helpful as we plan to teach students virtually using EDM.
  • The EDM journals/home links were ordered on July 14th. They may be coming in late August or early September.
  • GOOD NEWS!! The McGraw Hill ConnectED online platform has access to ALL student resource and materials. The Homelinks are in the "EM At Home" Button. The journals with math boxes and more are in the "Assignments" button or are in the large Daily Lesson button. The EDM Materials, such as card decks and game pieces are all available in the "eToolKit" button. Students can use those virtually.
  • It is suggested that during Week 1 of virtual instruction we get our students connected to Everyday Math online and show them the various resources they will use. In Week 2 we can provide students opportunities to use the online tools. We can start using curriculum once they have had that time to explore Everyday Math Online.
  • The "Elementary Math Resources" link below contains EDM tutorial videos and activities that may be helpful as we begin planning our math instruction.
  • Elementary Math Resources


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