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June 2018

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Class of 2018 Graduation

The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, and our Brickies were ready! Ready to take their seats, ready to receive their diploma, ready to become Alumni, and ready to take on the world with their fresh new ambition! We, as a school corporation, could not be more proud of the Class of 2018 and all that they have accomplished in their years here as Brickies. Some students are planning on entering the Military, some are entering a Trade, some are heading off to college - most with completed college credits, and some are just enjoying the ride and seeing where life will take them. No matter their future choice, they have a common bond - they are Brickies. Great job to the Class of 2018 and best of luck on everything you do! "Once a Brickie, Always a Brickie!"

Kindergarten Graduation - Class of 2030

This year's Kindergarten graduation was our best yet! Our littlest Brickies did not look so little anymore as they walked in with their caps and gowns. The stands were full of energy with all the love from families and friends, and the students proudly took their seats as their journey as a Brickie Kindergartner came to an end. As always, they learned some great songs that hardly left a dry eye in the gym as parents smiled knowing that they officially have a 1st grader! The Class of 2030 is an exceptional group of kids and we are excited for them to learn and grow as Brickies. We have no doubts that they will continue to make a positive impact in our schools. Great job to the Class of 2030 - see you in 1st Grade!
A special shout out to Hobart Middle School Assistant Principal, Misty Scheuneman who not only took the amazing photo seen below at graduation this year, but also sent her 8th grade students off to High School with some encouraging, life taught lessons. We decided to include a part of her letter on her photo. Thank you Mrs. Scheuneman for always being optimistic, encouraging, and inspiring!
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Scheduling Classes - Be Ready! Hobart University

Why Early College in high school?
We are fully committed to combining high school and college in a rigorous, supportive environment that enables any interested and qualifying Hobart High School student to graduate with high school and college credit.

We know, from research, that Early College students are outperforming their peers nationwide:

  • 90% graduate high school vs. 78% of students nationally
  • 94% earn free college credit while in high school
  • 30% earn an Associate's degree or other post-secondary credentials while in high school

Take a look at the links below for more information!

STEM On-The-Go At Liberty Elementary

The second grade students at Liberty participated in a fantastic STEM robotics learning activity. The program, STEM On-The-Go, is a program designed by Challenger Learning Center which focuses on teamwork, problem-solving, and practical engineering skills. It’s delivered by a “flight director” from the Challenger Learning Center at Purdue Northwest in Hammond, IN. Students learned about the impact of a changing arctic environment and how it affects the habitats of polar bears. Students worked in teams to build robotic Cubelet kids. Their task was to develop rovers that would enable students to study the changing environment. Students loved putting their STEM skills to the test by using hands-on applications to try to solve a real world problem!

PLTW 3-D Chessboards and Boats

Our PLTW classes were quite the inventors, creators, and designers all year! To finish the year strong our senior Engineering, Design and Development PLTW class took to the water with their handmade designed boats! They were made out of polystyrene and were all successful! While some may have been easier to row and paddle, all of them were unique and individual! Great job!

Another high school class that excelled was the Computer Integrated Manufacturing PLTW students who each uniquley designed and 3-D custom printed chess sets for the Hobart Middle School chess team! Not only is this the sweetest gesture, they have pretty sweet design as well! They turned out amazing and the students cannot wait to use them again next year.

3rd Grade Walking Tour

Every year our 3rd grade students go on a History of Hobart walking tour! It is one of the greatest field trips because the history of our town runs deep. They walk by the cemetery where George Earle is buried, stroll pass the downtown buildings that were once surrounded by horses and carriages. Next they headed to City Hall where they learned about the newer rain garden and the benefits of taking care of our community and planet. The best part was the amazing and beautiful Hobart Historical Society that is housed with more information about Hobart then one could ever imagine! The ladies there are incredibly knowledgeable and the kids really enjoyed seeing everything there. They then finished the day at Festival Park where the Mayor came and talked with our students about our town and the great people in it. You could learn something new about this town everyday!

Elementary Cross Country Runs - Building Healthy Brickies

Yes, they did it again! Our kindergarten and elementary Brickies took to the fields one last time before the year was out and demolished their 1/2 mile cross country run! Each school had every class running and students enjoyed getting outside, being active, and having a good time with Coach Funky leading the way with her non-stop motivation! The students gain a new sense of self-esteem when they complete the run and we hope to keep Building Healthy Brickies!

Hall of Scholars And Hall of Excellence!

Congratulations to these individuals in both the High School and Middle School who have excelled tremendously in their academics. Each group consists of the top 15 students for their grade of either a Senior or 8th Grader. Their GPA's are above 4.0's and their drive, passion, mentality show is every aspect of their life. Achieving such an honor is not an easy task and often times they put a lot of stress on themselves. However, they have come to understand that stress can be used as a a powerful positive tool and help prepare you for the next stage of life. Great job to our Hall of Scholar seniors and our Hall of Excellence 8th grade students!
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Rally For A Cause

Every year the School City of Hobart takes the time at each school to acknowledge individuals and groups for going above and beyond in some way that helps others. We call it the "Kindness Award" and students and staff are selected by an administrator, teacher, or coach with an explanation of what they do to make the school, community, and world a better place! Some examples this year were a elementary student who gave his extra winter coat to a classmate who didn't have a good one to wear. Another stayed back in his teacher's classroom to straighten it back up after it had become messy. A group of students had shoveled some neighborhood driveways during the big snow storm of the year - free of charge! And several used their own money to help families in need. The list goes on and on!! At their young age they can already see that the value of life is not measured by what you have but instead by what you give. Our Brickies have kind hearts that are taught at home and challenged when they are independently on their own. Their character is defined by their actions when no one is looking and these students are great examples of Kindness and Character. Great job Brickies!

JROTC Raider Team Rises Above the Competition!

The Raider team was successful once again at the annual Marion Raider Championship!

On April 28, Hobart cadets took home second place overall out of eighteen competing teams! The team also placed in eight of the ten events! The day of the competition was intense, lasting over eight hours. Cadets were tested on their strength and teamwork with each passing event. The team, despite the different levels of experience between seniors and freshman, gave their best throughout the whole day and earned their trophy! Just two weeks later, on May 12, cadets returned to Marion to attend the Marion Biathlon, which involved running up to four miles and shooting fifteen small targets. The performance was incredible! Cadets Murphy and Wright partnered together and were the fastest male team, while Cadets Greenleaf and Salinas took home second place for the female teams! Cadets Gearhart and Wehmeyer also earned second in the coed category! The Raider season ended with wonderful accomplishments! Great job Brickies!

College Signing Day at Hobart!

Here in the School City of Hobart we encourage our students to celebrate their future plans! Whether they want to pursue an university or college, a trade, the Military - it is a major step in their future and we joined the country on May 2nd to express that this is an epic occasion during National College Signing Day! The Reach Higher initiative strives to inspire every student in America to take charge of their future by completing their education past high school, whether at a professional training program, a community college, or a four-year college or university, or the military. The future is here and it #BetteMakeRoom for these Brickies graduates!

HPD Press Release - SRO's In The School City of Hobart!

The Hobart Police Department and the Superintendent of School City of Hobarthave been working on efforts to improve school safety at the schools during the school year. Dr. Peggy Buffington and I have shared the goal of having a police officer in every building for a number of years.

During my first few months as Chief in 2013, we brokered a sharing agreement to add a K-9 officer to the high school, while maintaining the existing SRO at the middle school. At the time, we were the first school district in the state to have a K-9 team assigned to a school district. We also expanded our Too Good for Drugs and Violence program that grew from one officer teaching in the elementary schools to six officers that volunteer to teach the program. The relationships built at such an early age are priceless.

In addition to our SRO commitments, we have provided increased patrols of all the schools in the district. It had become commonplace to see police cars and officers in and around the schools at arrival and departure times, as well as, routine visits throughout the school day. Officers would stop regularly and visit with staff and students, sit down for lunch with students, and along the way forge better relationships between the police and the school community. In partnership, we also moved our National Night Out event to the Hobart High School facility. Our shared resources have allowed us to expand the event year in and year out to provide a family fun event for all.

In 2017, your police and schools continued the discussions on how to expand on police presence at the facilities. In an era where mass shootings seemed to be occurring more often, it appeared it was time to expand on an already strong SRO program. In the Spring Semester 2018 of the school district, we negotiated sharing resources on an hourly basis for arrival and departures. Officers volunteered for overtime to fill these time slots.

Now, with the start of 2018-2019 school year, the police department and the school district are proud to announce 4 additional SRO’s will be added so there will be an SRO in every school building in the district. Out of those 4 additions, 1 will be a K-9 team. The goal will be to have an officer in every school every day while children are in school. The K-9 team will be made available for the needs of any school building, as well as, the other K-9 teams assigned to Patrol. During the summer, SRO’s will not only complete state mandated training for SRO’s, they will go through additional, intensive shoot/don’t shoot training, and building search and response training with our other officers.

None of this would be possible without the strong support of the Hobart School Board, Superintendent Peggy Buffington and her staff, as well as, Mayor Brian Snedecor, Clerk Treasurer Deb Longer, and the City Council. I am proud to say that our partnership with the school district will put us on the forefront as some of the safest schools in America. While all of the best training, equipment, and planning cannot prevent all circumstances, we WILL be in the best position to overcome such an event.

Chief Richard Zormier

Pictured Below (L-R): Cpl. Mike Jimenez, Cpl. Monte White, Ofc. Art Azcona, Ofc. Brian Rodziewicz, Ofc. Eric Herbert and Cpl. Ryan Snedecor w/K9 Spike

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2018-2019 Registration Information!

We know that many of you like to prepare during the summer so we wanted to get all of our registration information together for you! Below are the dates for each school and below that is the website link that has everything from supply lists, athletic forms, answers to common questions and more!
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2018 - 2019 School Year Calendar

We know that many of you enjoy vacations and look forward to planning them! Take a look at our 2018 - 2019 School Year Calendar for scheduled dates we have off so you can enjoy your vacation without missing school! Click on the link below to access our calendar on our website and happy planning!

Help ALL Brickies Get A Lunch!

Help Hobart High School students who don't always have the means to eat a lunch by donating to the "Brickie Lunch Box"! This new program will help ensure all student's are eating lunch & getting the nutrients & energy needed to be a successful Brickie.
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2018 National Night Out!

Tuesday, Aug. 7th, 6pm

Hobart High School

Mark your calendar for this year's National Night Out event! It is a FREE event that is open to anyone and everyone in the Community! It brings the residents and our HPD, HFD, and other heroes that serve and protect us every day!
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Published by:

Dr. Peggy Buffington and Sarah Ramos

The School City of Hobart does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, or disability, including limited English proficiency.

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