7th grade Social Studies

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Assignments and Due Dates

Semester End:

January 22nd...Can NOT make up work after that!

7th Grade incentive for Christmas

December 22nd

  • No missing work
  • No Failing Grades

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Mrs. Johnson Notes!


So we are getting closer to Christmas Break! Yay!

I can't believe we are rolling up on the end of the first Semester in January! Where does the time go??

Along with academics in seventh grade we also want to focus on responsibility and follow through too!

How many of you ask your students nightly "Do you have any homework?" and with bright eyes and solid conviction you get a "Nope" from your child! Then....about a day or two later you get a friendly email from me or another teacher that says..."Homework Missing:)"

SO I found this website http://www.empoweringparents.com/End-the-Nightly-Struggle-over-Homework-Now.php# and it has cool tips on how to set up homework policies with kids. It was pretty interesting.

I recently had an epiphany. It started a few years ago when I was watching my niece who was about 5-6... and asked her to go get her coat and shoes (with laces) on. She stared at me with a "I don't know how to do that ALL alone face". I was like....whoa of course I have to walk you through this. When our babies (kids, nieces/ nephews...any children) are very small...it is natural in us to help them, and to understand this is new and we need to train them on all the little things! My epiphany was that we stop doing that...and wonder why our kids become helpless. You see, organization is no different than the skill of learning to tie our shoes. But mom, dad, grandma...probably the mailman spent hours with us a kids to learn to tie our shoes...but who went over with us time and again the skills of how to organize our room, develop good study skills, put our backpack in the right spot, put dishes away, hand in our homework, follow up on a phone call? No one. For some reason these things are taught or reinforced very little, and these in fact are far more important LIFE SKILLS!

Students take the time with each other, and parents take the time with the students to TEACH each other life skills and stop assuming we know them already. We may just get a few more answers of .....Yes I do have homework, and I don't know how I'm going to get it all done and play my video games too :)

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