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Week of November 16th-20th

Happy Friday Everyone! PSSST~5 work days till Thanksgiving break!

CONGRATS to Dennise Schuler, Megan Fogarty, Heather Schmitt, Sydney Gantzer, and Coleen Referente on your grant awards! Beaty was awarded 100% of grants submitted! We were the only ECS to be awarded grants. The Foundation received 272 grant applications this year and only 97 were granted! Way to represent ladies!

MANY of you are still not members of the PTA. It is very inexpensive to show your support for the few folks that do so much for our campus. We should have 100% participation. PLEASE, PLEASE sign up, it shows our appreciation for all they do for us!

Sunshine has 94% of dues paid!! Thanks everyone! Flutter on butterflies! You 6%ers, get on it!

Remember that Elena will be coming through classrooms collecting non-evaluative data. Please don't worry, it's really not about you!

Please analyze your CPAA and do intentional grouping to close those achievement gaps. We will discuss further this week at our DSM.

Don't forget to order your Spirit Wear! Contact Alesia and Debbie R. for more information.

Teachers, Please be sure you are posting your lesson plans. Walk-through and appraisal season is here....not quite as much fun as pumpkin spice season, but here!

Coming soon:

Monday, Nov. 16th Dina Off Campus

Tuesday, Nov. 17th Nurse Testing (AM)

Wednesday, Nov. 18th Latino Literacy @ 8:30 (719)

Wednesday, Nov. 18th Firefighter Visit

Wednesday, Nov. 18th DSM (Teaching Staff) @ 3:30 (Activity Rm)

Thursday, Nov. 19th Maria's Wedding Shower @11:15 (staff lounge)

Thursday, Nov. 19th Mentor Mtg @ 11:30 (209)

Thursday, Nov. 19th Hanen @12:30 (MPR)

Thursday, Nov. 19th CMIT @ 3:30 (Conf. Rm)

Friday, Nov. 20th Dina Off Campus

Upcoming November Birthday Girls:

Lisa Duran 11/19

Yessica Pimental 11/19

Debbie Reeves 11/23

Rachel Emmer 11/29

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Have a great weekend!


Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

  • Janice Calvert for always being there at the right moment when I need to be "redirected" at carpool. ~Micree
  • Mrs. Dendy, Mrs. Porst, and Mrs. Higdon for being so patient with our classes and for helping to implement a new center time routine! ~Shauna
  • Kaye Munchler for the play dough save last Monday. ~Micree
  • Thank you Gaylon for your willingness to assist with anything!
  • Thank you Dina for being supportive of our ideas and endeavors. You empower us! ~ Sonia
  • Big shout out to Debbie and Maria, the Attendance Divas, consistently juggling duties and still come out 100% error free!
  • Lori Norwicki for not only loaning me classroom stuff but she looks for them too! ~Micree
  • I appreciate all of the staff members who have kindly helped me this week – Isabel Marquez, Debbie Reeves, Rhonda Creed, Dennise Schuler, and many more. ~Jan
  • Thanks to Heather, Coleen, and Sydney for sharing the visuals they created for parents last year with the Plano ISD Education Foundation grant money. I occasionally beg for more as I meet parents who could really benefit from these visuals, and they are so willing to provide them. Hurray to you for winning again! It is so great to know that more families will be helped. ~Jan
  • Thank you Gaylon for loading all the apps onto the iPads and giving his time to help facilitate the iPad view session. ~Sonia
  • Debbie Reeves for helping us run the side carpool. ~Micree
  • Micree and Maria-Elena are so creative! They plan fun art activities for our students each day and create engaging pretend centers that our students love! Thanks for all your efforts in the classroom to create a fun learning environment for the students! ~Stephanie
  • Marta Brewer for showing me where to find our team documents. ~Micree
  • Sydney has been such a great sport this week helping 2 of my kiddos at arrival time. Thanks for being so loving to my students (and their parents). You had your hands full, literally!!~ Jennifer
  • Andrea Kieser for guiding me through my first late-watch. ~Micree
  • Thank you to my super team…Kaye, Marta, and Lori for doing so much for the kids!!! You guys are awesome! ~Coleen