Staff Weekly Bulletin

~Sept. 15-19~Week 4~

Kudos to You!

Congratulations for completing the third week of school! We had pretty good attendance this week; keep motivating your students.

Take some time to thank Todd for being such a fantastic role model for our students in the library; the students absolutely love him! We are also particularly proud of Ms. Nancy & Mr. Bautista, they make a great team & as a result, we have an efficient & supportive office.

Ms. Marisol is another great person we need to take some time to recognize & validate her efforts. She does so much for our school & children & she is ONLY part time! Really?!

We are very proud & fortunate to also have Mr. Marcel, is level of support that he gives our students in the yard is truly inspiring! Thank him & give him a high five.

Thank you to Ms. Simone & the ASP staff that continue to support us in more ways than one! Ms. Kim & Mr. Davis always such a consistent face during recess (on top of working with our children). These traditions & ritual/routines are what makes SEED stand out. We are truly a great staff & I am very proud to come to work every day!

Congratulations to Ms. Parchia, Mr. Zucker, Mr. Gudiol, & Ms. Anne - the assembly went exceptional. Parent loved it, but our kids enjoyed it! Thank you to Mr. Zucker & Mr. Davis for getting Crew & service started; THANK YOU!

Congratulations to you all! Our parents continue to share with us that they love the new changes such as the morning greeting, morning song, morning circle, crew, assembly, character development focus, climate of the school & office, how focused our students are in the classroom, and many more accolades.

Kudos to Mr. Scott for a successful first week of PE in SPANISH!!!! He's very good with the kids; calm, always with a smile, patient, and builds a great setting for respect & collaboration. Please stop by his PE classes to observe the great work!

Recommended Diagnostics

  • K-early Literacy
  • 1st -5th: BPST & Running Records
  • PK ECERS Star-Closes on 11/21
  • PK DRDP Tech Start - Closes on 10/24
  • Math Diagnostic

Please see Jennie Tunney for support & for submission of diagnostics

State Assessments

9/15 CELDT Starts for 1:1 by CELDT Sub-Mr. Ivan Simmons

CELDT Testing Window Closes 10/24

  • All English teachers (1st through 5th) will need to be trained to administer the CELDT
  • English teachers will administer the CELDT Listening, Reading, & Writing sections
  • Kinder & 1st grade teachers will be exempt; Mr. Ivan Simmons & district CELDT examiners will support with the Kinder assessment.
  • CELDT Moodle link will be shared with you to begin the on-line CELDT training.

Scholastic Reading Inventory
The SRI testing window opens October 20 for all elementary schools. It's critical that schools act quickly and early based on SRI data to further diagnose what specific reading challenges each student needs to overcome. · Elementary SRI Memo

NEW Assessment Intranet Website
The assessment team has developed a new intranet site designed to create a one stop experience for principal, testing coordinators, and teachers to find comprehensive district assessment information. Please take some time to bookmark the site and become familiar with its contents as it will be our primary avenue for supporting you in administering local assessments.
· Assessment Intranet – Principal’s Corner

Positive & Welcoming Environment

September Character Development: RESPECT

Community Assembly & Crew (8:30-9:00 AM)

Monday, September 15th - 2nd Community Assembly & Crew begins!

Assembly Logistics

  1. Students will begin the day in their respective lines
  2. Walk your students to the auditorium
  3. You will sit with your Crew team - the auditorium will be labeled (see below link)

Assembly Seating-Group B

Please sit together:
  • Udovic & Hudson
  • Saleski & Ferrus-Garcia
  • Tapia & Souto
  • Perrone & Zucker

Crew-Group A

Crew Logistics
  1. Students will begin the day in their respective lines
  2. Walk to your Crew Partner & exchange students
  3. Crew can take place in the classroom or outside

Crew pairings:

  • Pastrana & Parchia
  • Marx & Gudiol
  • Goodie & Nunez
  • Superfine & Reynoso
  • Cato

Free Dress Friday

Please enforce the uniform policy...

If your student arrives to school without a uniform, send the child to the office (with a pass), we have donated white & red t-shirts that we can lend the student for the day.


6 Weeks Cycles of Inquiry to Resume on 9/24

Learning Targets:
  • I can embed habits of scholarship learning targets that foster/develop performance character & academic success for all their students.
  • I can embed AD as a key vehicle to deepen understanding, build comprehension, & develop oral language


Fostering Character & Habits of Scholarship through the lens of Academic Discussions

Location: TBD by groups

Time: 2:00-3:00 PM

Professional Development COI

2:00 pm Differentiated Planning Groups for AD & fostering character

  • Meet w/your COI Team and Review Norms and Protocols:
  • I can be mindful of grade level and cognitive differences.

  • I can assume positive intent.

  • I can feel safe taking risks.

  • I can be honest and provide constructive feedback.

  • I can come up with alternative suggestions if I don’t feel I can implement an idea.

2:55 pm Record work on collaboration notes & upload to Google shared drive

3:00-4:00 PM - Prep



Vacancy SDC1-3 Teacher Position:

  • We are still waiting for their IEPs, as soon as we have access to their IEPs a copy will be placed in your box.

SDC grades 4-5: Copy of the IEPs can be accessed through Paul.

By no later than the end of September all students MUST have access to RAZ Kids...please reach out to Ms. Teri & Ms. Tunney for support.

If you do not have your log-in, please see Ms. Tunney.

See Jennie for your account & log-in information.

Reading A-Z & Raz Kids are to be part of the classroom literacy centers during Guided Reading time. Please begin setting up your classroom in preparation for Guided Reading & centers. Jennie is a great support to help you with this set up.

IT Teacher Lead: Mr. Wally Scott
Google Chrome Log-Ins & Passwords can be requested to him. Please allow him some time to access this information from Lars Jorgansen, Robert Silva, &/or Tracy Logan.

Prep: PE (in Spanish)

Please inform your student that they need to be adequate clothing for PE. Encourage them to bring tennis shoes, a cap, & a water bottle.

We are still short in PE minutes...

Keep in mind that we are still required to meet the 200 minutes of PE within 10 days therefore, PE prep time is still NOT enough. Please make sure that you incorporate 50 minutes within 10 days. The additional 50 minutes will be provided by PlayWorks.

Strings Schedule!

Monday & Wed (Violin)

1:00 pm- 1:30 pm

Souto, Zucker & Reynoso

Mon 1:45-2:15pm (Viola & Cello)

Wed 11:50 am-12:20 pm

Souto, Zucker & Reynoso

Tuesday & Friday

1:30- 2:00 pm

5th Grade -Experienced Players

Mr. Zucker & Mr. Reynoso



Week 3 ADA-Average Daily Attendance: 97%...great job; our goal is 98%!

Enrollment Count Dates:

  • Day 15: Monday, September 15th
  • Day 20: Monday, September 22nd


Take attendance before 10 AM NOT after recess-No excuses-por favor!

IMPORTANT-CPR Certification!

Hello all,

CPR! If you are current in your CPR, please bring a copy to the office. As you may know, there are quite a few students with severe allergies requiring epi pens which require CPR certification to administer. This is important, especially for field trips where the parent cannot attend with their child, but in general, it is important to know what to do in an emergency.

For those of you needing CPR certification, I have a list of dates for the Oakland Fire Department training which are usually on weekends and is free. Please contact them to register. Spaces fill up quick. They also have classes with first aid but usually that is a separate class. OUSD also offers it (CPR) but it will only be for those teachers who have students with severe allergies in their class. I'll keep you posted on that as well.

I will also be placing paperwork in your boxes to pass out to your students' families who have a medical conditions so parents can fill it out and bring them back with orders from their doctor along with meds (if needed).

That's it for now but I encourage everyone to look into getting CPR certified soon! Feel free to contact me with any questions.

See you soon,


Any conflicts within the library schedule?

Please see Mr. Todd for any necessary changes.
Committees need to start by no later than the end of September! Please submit collaboration notes by 9/30.

Thank you!


Please sign up if you have not done so...can I sign you up?

Which committees are still in need of sign-ups?

  • ELA District Teacher Lead - OUSD stipend
  • Family & Community Outreach (1 more member)
  • School Site Council-1 teacher & 1 classified vacancy
  • Friends of Manzanita SEED (non-profit) - 1 certificated vacancy
  • Spelling Bee Coordinator - 1x p/yr event
  • Oratorical Fest Coordinator - 1x p/yr event
  • Technology Committee - 1 classified vacancy

Hallway/Restroom Pass

Dear Colleagues,

A gentle reminder: ONLY TK-1st grade students are to have a buddy to escort him/her to the restroom, office, etc. All other grades MUST carry a pass at all times and only one student per pass.

Students are NOT to come during instructional time to exchange their Caught You Being Goods...remind the children that they visit the office before school, after school, and during the AM, Lunch, & PM recess.

If you do not have a hallway &/or restroom pass, please let Nancy/Todd ASAP.


Monday, 9/15

8:30 AM
  • Community Assembly & Crew 10 AM

  • Day 15th Head Count

Strings Class begins today!

11 AM

  • Beatrice @ meeting w/Nancy

1:30-2:45 PM

  • Coach C at Playworks Junior Coaching #4 Training

3:00-3:15 PM

  • Location: Room 14
  • Severe Asthma Training

3:15-4:00 PM

  • Location: Auditorium
  • Emergency Drills Training w/MCS

Tuesday, 9/16

Operational Meeting
9:00 AM

Back-to-School Night

5:30-6:30 PM

Grades: 1st & 2nd grade

Child Care available by the ASP!

Please report to the auditorium, we will do a brief welcome & introductions. Once you are introduced, you may depart to your classroom.

* Ensure that all families sign in; sign in sheet due to Nancy by 9/19.


5:30-5:45 PM
I. Introductions &
Logistics for the evening - Beatrice

II. Opportunities for engagement - Marisol & Sam

III. Parent/Student Handbook - Beatrice

IV. Title I - Beatrice

V. Dismissal to the classrooms

Wednesday, 9/17

Beatrice @ 1:1 Meeting w/Network Superintendent

12:30-2:00 PM

Back-to-School Night

4:30-5:30 PM

Grades: TK & K

Child Care available.

*No need to report to the auditorium.

* Ensure that all families sign in; sign in sheet due to Nancy by 9/19.

Please ensure that you include the following during your discussion with families:

1. Shoo the Flu

2. Parent Leaders

3. Importance of School Attendance

4. Parent/Student Handbook

Thursday, 9/18

1st Statistical Report Due


Back-to-School Night

5:30-6:30 PM

Grades: 3rd-5th grade

Child Care available by the ASP!

Please report to the auditorium, we will do a brief welcome & introductions. Once you are introduced, you may depart to your classroom.

** Ensure that all families sign in; sign in sheet due to Nancy by 9/19.


5:30-5:45 PM
I. Introductions & Logistics for the evening - Beatrice

II. Opportunities for engagement - Marisol & Sam

III. Parent/Student Handbook - Beatrice

IV. Title I - Beatrice

V. Dismissal to the classrooms

Teacher Leadership Collaborative

4:00-6:00 PM

Location: Tilden
ELA, Math, Science, & IT

Staff Lounge & Copier Room

Professional Courtesy: It is not the office staff's responsibility to clean the work area; let's do our part & clean after yourself. Wash your dishes, cups, utensils, etc.

FYI: If you want your classroom sink clean, remember to clean your dishes. Mr. Lopez is NOT responsible to clean your classroom sink when dirty dishes are left there.

Need a classroom printer?

If you do not have a classroom printer, please notify Mr. Todd. He will issue you must sign one out.

We ONLY have 12 printers & only 1 printer cartridge will be issued per school year as they are costly.

In need of a door bar key?

If you do not have a door bar key, please see Nancy so she can check one out to you. Ensure that you lock the door at the end of the day.

Safety: End of the Day!

As a reminder to reduce vandalism or the end of the work day/end of the week, please close windows, blinds, and lock your classroom & turn the lights off.


Opportunities for free money!

Jamba Juice: It's About the Fruit and Veggies

The Fall 2014 Jamba Juice "It's About the Fruit and Veggies" Garden Grant provides youth garden programs with gardening supplies, curricula, and funding for soil amendments and plants to create engaging nutrition and gardening experiences. Maximum award: $1,500. Eligibility: schools, community organizations, and non-profit programs in the United States, gardening with at least 15 children between the ages of 3 and 18. Deadline: October 1, 2014. More

IRA: Teacher as Researcher Grant

International Reading Association Teacher as Researcher grants support classroom teachers who undertake action research inquiries about literacy and instruction. Maximum award: $4,000. Eligibility: All applicants must be members of the International Reading Association (IRA) and practicing pre-K-12 teachers with full time or permanent half-time teaching responsibilities (includes librarians, Title I teachers, classroom teachers, and resource teachers). Classroom teachers will be given preference. Applicants may apply as a collaborative group or individually. Deadline:November 1, 2014. More

NCTM: Professional Development Grants for Grades PreK-5

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Professional Development Grants for Grades PreK-5 Teachers support professional development to improve the competence in the teaching of mathematics of one or more classroom teachers. Maximum award: $3,000. Eligibility: current (as of October 15, 2014) Full Individual or E-Members of NCTM or teachers at a school with a current (as of October 15, 2014) NCTM Pre-K8 school membership, currently teaching grades PreK-5 level and with three or more years teaching experience. Deadline:November 7, 2014. More

NGA: Youth Garden Grants

National Gardening Association Youth Garden Grants support schools and community organizations with child-centered garden programs. In evaluating grant applications, priority will be given to programs that emphasize educational focus or curricular/program integration; nutrition or plant-to-food connections; environmental awareness/education; entrepreneurship; and social aspects of gardening such as leadership development, team building, community support, or service-learning. Maximum award: a $500 gift card to the Gardening with Kids catalog, seeds and plants from Bonnie Plants, an Ames tool package, and educational materials from NGA. Eligibility: schools, youth groups, community centers, camps, clubs, treatment facilities, and intergenerational groups throughout the United States. Deadline: December 5, 2014.More

Field Trip for Teachers!


Thursday, October 2
4:00-5:30 PM: CRS Field Trip For Teachers - behind the scenes event for CRS Members
5:30-8:00 PM: LHS Educator Open House

Please RSVP if you plan to attend

Join CRS and our host, the Lawrence Hall of Science (the Hall), for an afternoon of learning and fun. Our Field Trip for Teachers is designed give CRS members an exclusive time to explore the Hall and meet a gecko up close, try an engineering challenge, and to discover even more explorations that you can share with your students. You'll also be able to talk with expert Hall science educators about great resources to support science learning in your classroom, from supporting English language learners in science to supporting you with NGSS. Following our program, teachers will be welcome to stay for the Educator Open House. CRS member special preview and behind the scenes event: 4 pm -5:30; LHS Educator Open House from 5:30 - 8:00 PM