Eagle Band Family Newsletter

February, 2022

Hello, and welcome back to the official newsletter of the Eagle Bands (HMS/SVMS/LNHS)!

As always, there is a LOT of information here, yet ALL of it pertains directly to our awesome band family! Be on the lookout for newsletters in your inbox near the first of each month!

In this issue:

  1. High School News (LNHS)
  2. Middle School News (HMS, SVMS)
  3. Boosters/Fundraising Update
  4. Upcoming Performances/Events
  5. Director Wish List
  6. Senior Spotlight
  7. Upcoming Auditions/Opportunities/Camps/etc.
  8. Directors Do Things, Too!
  9. Contact Information

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Getting to Know YOU!

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Do you like building or fixing things? Are you good with accounting? Do you enjoy data entry and logistics? Are you experienced in a non-profit sector? Are you an expert in website or graphic design? Are you willing simply to show up and help with whatever needs done for the students? We want to know!

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1. High School News (LNHS)


Wednesday, Feb. 15, 7:00 p.m. in the Jacobs Performing Arts Theater at LNHS--Please plan to have all LN students going on the trip and/or at least one family member attend. Any other adults traveling with the band are strongly encouraged to attend.

All-District Full Symphony Orchestra

Congratulations to these LNHS wind/percussion students who performed with the 2022-2023 KC Metro District #3 All-District Full Orchestra!

All-State Band/Orchestra

...and to these LNHS students who performed with the 2022-2023 All-State Band or Orchestra!

LNHS Wind Symphony at MMEA!

The LNHS Wind Symphony was the talk of the MMEA convention!!!

(The 85th Annual Missouri Music Educators Association Annual In-Service Workshop/Conference)

Congratulations, Winter Guard

The LN Winter Guard took 2nd place in Belton on 2/4! Congratulations!

Market Value Asset (MVA), Real World Learning, and Tiered Diploma Information

You may have heard about Market Value Assets (MVAs), Real World Learning, and/or the new tiered diploma system for LPS graduates. (And, if not, you certainly will in the months to come!)

GREAT NEWS! Your participation in the Eagle Bands and LPS Fine Arts gives you a HUGE advantage in accomplishing these! Here is a very brief overview of how your participation in band can help you!

Market Value Assets

  • A minimum of one MVA will be required for graduation, starting with the class of 2025
  • Two MVAs will be required for the "Platinum Seal" diploma (see "Tiered Diploma Information" below)
  • You can design your own MVA, specifically within the context of the Fine Arts! Simply visit this link to start the process!
  • Please talk to Dr. Doss, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Money, or any other Fine Arts teacher for more guidance and suggestions on how this could look for YOU!

Real World Learning

  • We do this ALL THE TIME in band! (Think community performances, concerts, events, mentoring, lessons, collaboration, honor ensembles, etc.)
  • More information may be found here.

Tiered Diploma Information

  • Beginning with the class of 2025, three different diploma options/paths will be available:
  1. Silver Seal (State Minimum - 7.5 elective credits and one MVA required; 24 total credits)
  2. Gold Seal (LPS Recommended - 9 elective credits and one MVA required; 25.5 total credits)
  3. Platinum Seal (Distinguished - 10.5 elective credits and two MVAs required; 28 total credits)
  • As you can see, your BAND classes count toward your elective credits, and you can design your own MVA (or two)!

Please bookmark libertynorthband.org, your 'one stop shop' for all things LNHS Bands!

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2. Middle School News (HMS/SVMS)

Recruiting Tours!

1. The Eagle Band Directors (with assistance from Mike Steffen at Palen Music, Jeff Seba, elementary music teacher at Ridgeview, and a few music education students from William Jewell) recently visited the 'north side' elementary schools to let kids try mouthpieces!

2. The HMS and SVMS Concert Bands will be visiting all of the same schools on Feb. 9 to try and recruit students to sign up for 6th grade beginning band!

3. AND, the same 5th grade students will be joining us at LN on Feb. 22 during the school day for a dress rehearsal/play-a-long of the Band-O-Rama event!

Band Kids Are the BEST

Often, when we need to miss classes, we recruit volunteers to be "student conductors." This keeps rehearsals moving when we have a 'non-music' substitute teacher in the room!
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3. Band Boosters and Fundraising

The Liberty North Band Boosters are a group of parent volunteers, organized to:

  • Support the students, directors, and families.
  • Create a sense of community and encourage parent and student engagement in band activities.
  • Raise funds to financially support band programs.
  • Promote the program within the community.

The Boosters support ALL of our Band Family, grades 6-12.

Please contact Booster President Amy Konkle with questions, ideas, or to find out ways to get involved! libertynorthband@gmail.com.

Upcoming Individual Fundraising Opportunities!

Shakespeare's Pizza

Selling Dates: Feb 6th- Feb 17th.

Due by: Forms must be returned by the 17th!

Delivery: March 7th from 4-5pm- no pizzas will be held

Double Good Popcorn

Our fundraising window begins on February 22, 2023, at 5:00 PM and goes until February 26, 2023, at 5:00 PM.
Before the fundraiser begins:
1. Download the Double Good app
2. Enter our event code ZHBJWO in the app
3. Create your Pop-Up Store

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4. Recent/Upcoming LNHS, HMS, and/or SVMS Performances

  • Mon., 2/6 - Band Boosters meeting (7:00 p.m. at LNHS)
  • Mon., 2/13 - LN Solo/Ensemble Festival Playoff Auditions (3:30-5:30 p.m. at LNHS)
  • Wed., 2/15 - LN Orlando trip meeting (7:00 p.m. in the JPAT at LNHS)
  • Fri., 2/17 - LN and SVMS Jazz Bands to Northwest Jazz Festival (all day in Maryville)
  • Wed., 2/22 - HMS/SVMS/LNHS Band-O-Rama (7:00 p.m. in the LNHS Field House)
  • Fri., 2/24 - HMS/SVMS Festival Bands Clinic/Lock-In (5:00-10:00 p.m. at LNHS)
  • Sat., 2/25 - LN Jazz Bands to UCM Jazz Festival (all day in Warrensburg)
  • Sat., 3/4 - KC Metro Middle School Bands Large Group Music Festival (all day at LNHS)
  • Mon., 3/6 - Band Boosters meeting (7:00 p.m. at LNHS)
  • Tues., 3/7 - LN Solo/Ensemble Festival Recital (5:00-8:00 p.m. at LNHS)
  • Mon., 3/13 - LN Large Group Pre-Festival Concert (7:00 p.m. in the JPAT at LNHS)
  • Fri., 3/31 - High School District Solo/Ensemble Festival (3:00-11:00 p.m. at LHS)
  • Mon., 4/3 - Band Boosters meeting (7:00 p.m. at LNHS)
  • Tues., 4/4 - LN Concert and Symphonic Bands to MSHSAA Large Group Music Festival (times TBD at Staley HS)
  • Wed., 4/5 - LN Wind Symphony to MSHSAA Large Group Music Festival (time TBD at Staley HS)
  • Sun. 4/16 - Jazz and Java, featuring the Jazz Bands from HMS, SVMS, and LNHS (2:00-4:00 p.m. at LNHS)
  • Fri., 4/21 - 18th and Vine Jazz Festival (HMS, SVMS, LNHS Jazz Bands)
  • Sat., 4/29 - High School State Solo/Ensemble Festival (All Day at MU-Columbia)
  • Mon., 5/1 - Band Boosters meeting (7:00 p.m. at LNHS)
  • Wed., 5/3 - LPS Middle School Honor Symphony concert (7:00 p.m. in the JPAT at LNHS)
  • Sat., 5/6 - LPS Middle School District Solo/Ensemble Festival (LNHS)
  • Mon., 5/8 - LNHS Bands Spring Concert (7:00 p.m. in the JPAT at LNHS)
  • Thurs., 5/11 - SVMS Bands Spring Concert (7:00 p.m. at SVMS)
  • Mon., 5/15 - HMS Bands Spring Concert (7:00 p.m. in the JPAT at LNHS)
  • Thurs., 5/25 - Last day of the 2022-2023 school year!
  • May 29-June 4 - LN Bands to ORLANDO!!!

SUMMER/FALL high school marching band schedule coming soon!

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5. Wish List

Here is a wish list from the band directors/guard coaches. If you are able to help with any of these, or if you have any contacts/leads, then please contact either Dr. Doss (Justin.Doss@lps53.org) and/or Booster President Amy Konkle libertynorthband@gmail.com!

  • New Eagle Band attire for the Directors/Coaches/Staff - Help us dress for success! (We cannot use our school budget money for this, so we would welcome funding for new polo shirts, matching staff jackets, hats, etc.)

  • Recruitment wristbands, stickers, candy, etc. - Cost varies by unit (contact Kelsee.Gardner@lps53.org to help with bracelets and/or stickers!)

  • Gift cards - The Boosters/Directors can always use gift cards to local stores to benefit students for trips, special events, performances, equipment, etc.. (e.g., Walmart, Target, Hy-Vee, Price Chopper, Amazon, etc.)

  • Vending machine for LNHS band room (to include reeds, oil, marching gloves, flip folder pages, etc.) - Cost unknown

  • Semi trailer for transporting instruments, uniforms, etc. - Cost unknown

  • Scholarship funding for HMS/SVMS/LNHS students - specifically, funds for summer band camps, honor ensemble participation, private lessons fees, etc. (These are NOT currently in place, so we would be looking for someone to help create them AND acquire ongoing funding for them.)

  • Korg CM300 Tuner Cords (DONATED!!! THANK YOU TO OUR TWO ANONYMOUS DONOR FAMILIES!!!) - We currently are short around 40 cords for the students we have. These are available in a variety of colors (black preferred, but not necessary) online and at local music stores - approx. $15-20 each

  • New 6' silver flag poles for the guard - approx. $500-600 for 30 poles

  • Two tarp carts for winter guard floor tarps - approx. $250 each

  • Used LPS Middle School Band Polos - If you have any gently-used, still in good condition, LPS middle school band polo shirts, then please consider donating them to one of the middle schools (Mr. Dragen at HMS or Ms. Gardner at SVMS)
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6. Senior Spotlight

Each newsletter, we will highlight some of our amazing SENIORS!

Samantha Konkle

Instrument(s)/Equipment - Trumpet

Favorite band memory - "I love going to 18th and Vine with the jazz bands, touring the Jazz Museum, and getting Arthur Bryant's for lunch!"

Something interesting/unique about me - "I went to Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland this summer and took selfies with cows."

Landon Tuso

Instrument(s)/Equipment - Bassoon, Bass, Timpani, Aux Percussion

Favorite band memory - "My time with front line was always my favorite."

Something interesting/unique about me - "I tried picking up saxophone once and had the concert Bb major scale on tenor down within 10-20 minutes."

Accomplishments/accolades/awards - "I have never received a rating lower than a 1 for any solos or ensembles I have participated in within my band carrier. I am in three of the six choirs here at North, being the TB Choir, Concert Choir, and Chamber Choir. I have made all district choir 2 years in a row and made all state choir this year."

William Elling

Instrument(s)/Equipment - Trombone, Euphonium

Favorite band memory - "Going to MMEA and playing with the incredible musicians in the All State Band. Also winning the Cameron Marchfest"

Something interesting/unique about me - "I play drums with my church’s worship team, trombone/baritone in their orchestra, and I also work part time at Chick Fil-A."

Accomplishments/accolades/awards - District Band x3, District Jazz x3, All state x3, UMKC Honor Band, Outstanding soloist award at Northwest Jazz festival, Gold (1 rating) at state and districts, Martin Jacobs Band Award, Freshman MVP Award, Multiple outstanding soloist awards from 18th and vine and UCM Jazz festivals,

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7. Upcoming Auditions/Camps/Workshops/Performance Opportunities

Solo/Ensemble Festivals

Students in grades 6-12 may choose to prepare a solo and/or small ensemble work for the upcoming Solo/Ensemble Festivals that happen each spring semester. This is one of the many "extra" experiences we offer as part of our comprehensive band program. Our students have a long tradition of excellence in these events, and we are confident this year will be no exception!

  • In middle school, the district festival includes each of the four LPS middle schools and occurs on Saturday, May 3. Be looking for more information from Ms. Gardner and Mr. Dragen after winter break!

  • In high school, there is a pre-festival recital at LN (March 7), MSHSAA district festival (March 31), and State festival (April 29). All music must come from the state required list (the PML, or prescribed music list) and we are limited to 55 entries maximum at the district level.
    PML - http://gvlabs.com/festivalmanager/mshsaa/src/admin_pml.php


Live Jazz KC High School All Star Big Band

The founders of the Live Jazz KC High School All Star Big Band are seeking motivated high school jazz musicians for this KC Metro honor group. Visit https://www.livejazzkc.com/hsallstars for details, and contact Mr. Fuller for a recommendation/nomination.

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8. Directors Do Things, Too!

Dr. Doss Playing with All-State Choir

Dr. Doss was invited to play trumpet with the All-State Choir. Also in the group was a former colleague on violin, Mrs. Doss on violin, and Mr. Harvey (Dr. Doss's beginning band director) on trumpet!

...and with the Lee's Summit Symphony Orhcestra

Dr. Doss played an antiphonal trumpet part with the LSSO last month in front of a sold-out crowd at the John Knox Pavilion in Lee's Summit.

Mr. Dragen is a Professional Actor!

Mr. Dragen recently performed in "The Iceman Cometh" at Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre!
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9. Contact Information

SVMS - Kelsee.Gardner@lps53.org

HMS - Michael.Dragen@lps53.org

LNHS - Michaelshane.Fuller@lps53.org

LNHS - Justin.Doss@lps53.org

LNHS Band Website - libertynorthband.org

Remind Codes (text the code, including the "@" to the number 81010)
  • LNHS Concert Band (all grades) - @lncb2223
  • LNHS Seniors - @lnband23
  • LNHS Juniors - @lnband24
  • LNHS Sophomores - @lnband25
  • LNHS Freshmen - @lnband26
  • LNHS Varsity Guard - @lnvguard
  • LNHS JV Guard - @jvguardln

Remind Codes for Band Boosters

  • 22-23 Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors - @lnhsbandb2
  • 22-23 Freshmen - @lnhsbb2026
  • 22-23 8th Grade - @lnhsbb2027
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Band Directors

Mr. Fuller

LNHS Wind Symphony

Screaming Eagles Marching Band

Screaming Eagles Drumline and Percussion Ensemble

Screaming Eagles Pep Band

Screaming Eagles Jazz Band

LNHS Musical Pit Orchestra Director

Dr. Doss

Instrumental Music


LPS MS Honor Symphony Founder & Conductor

MMEA State Band Vice President

MMEA District #3 President-elect