Mercy Peek & Ponder

Faculty/Staff Edition Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Goals, New Energy

Did you know that, in at least one way, you're at your creative best when your system is out of order? When we talk about being "Out of Order," it means when your mental picture of how things should be is very different from how things actually are. Human beings are always striving for order, and when our mental picture of how things

should be matches reality, we feel comfortable and in control. (How do you feel when you see a crooked picture on the wall? If you are like most people, it bothers you.) But what happens when they don't match? What happens when our mental picture of, say, the car we drive is thrown out of order by an accident? What happens is that we create inside ourselves a tremendous amount of drive and energy to restore order, to make our inner picture and reality match, once again. We feel highly motivated to get that car repaired or to do whatever is required to set things right. Once order is restored, the drive and energy turn off because they are no longer needed. This is exactly how goal-setting works. When you set a goal and systematically visualize the end-result, you throw your system out of order. That creates the drive and energy to change reality so that it matches the picture you have been visualizing. This is the value in continuously setting goals. You don't arrive at your desired end-result and then go flat because your energy just up and drove away. New goals create new energy and new creativity, and each day provides a new look at what your life can be!

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PLEASE continue to explain our theme of the year to your students. Reinforce our virtue of the month – CHARITY - Saint Mother Teresa as our model.

Formal Plan Schedule

I will be looking for your first formal plan and Unit Plan on Tuesday, 10/03. This will give you ample time to prepare. I will, however, be around this week to observe. I look forward to watching you preform your chosen craft.

From the Home & School Association: Teacher Wishlist

The Home and School Association is planning to organize a teacher wish list sign up as was done at the end of the last school year. Can you please share some of your ‘wish list’ items? Your list can include some bigger items like an easel or kitchen set (last year, some classes coordinated group gifts) or some small items like books or board games for indoor recess. Requesting gift cards to Barnes and Noble or other favorite teacher supply stores is another great option. Your wish list will be shared with parents through a Sign Up Genius.

Please try to be as specific as possible, with web links or pictures if necessary. Email all requests to Alison Bell at Please try to share by Sept 15th.

Thank you for all the work you do every day.

The Home and School Association